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To drink or not to drink … milk?

In infancy with milk we receive force, health and all most useful. But further someone refuses milk and dairy products, and someone includes them in the daily diet.

Probably, there is no product on the earth which would cause such fierce disputes over an occasion of the qualities. Supporters and opponents for years are ready to discuss what it is more in milk - harm or on the contrary, advantage.

In an extreme antiquity when was not developed, to present measures, medicine, milk was considered as one of the best drugs. To them fed a liquid during cold, a consumption and many other diseases.

All since the childhood know that milk and the products made from it are a unique well of calcium. The person has enough four glasses of it a miracle - drink to fill a daily dose of a mineral in an organism. In addition, phosphorus which is present at milk in combination with calcium does strong and strong not only bones, but also our nerves which daily suffer from a stress.

But also it is not everything, than milk can brag. It contains all main vitamin alphabet (And, In, D), and also folic acid. All these components add to our organism of forces and health.

But, according to doctors, not for each person milk is such useful. Let`s understand who should include this product in the daily diet, and it is better for whom to be careful of it.

First of all, milk should be excluded that who has an allergy. From - for the vitamin A which is contained in this product, a number of people can feel on itself all “delights“ of allergic reaction: reddening, itch and even bronchial asthma.

Milk will be an improper product also for those who have a probability of formation of phosphatic stones in kidneys. Can tell existence of a phosphatic deposit in analyses of urine and a state of health of your parents about such predisposition (this illness is generally transmitted in the genetic way).

The people suffering from deficiency of lactase are not recommended to use milk too. Reaction of your organism to the drunk liquid will be very rough. Why to you revolution in a stomach … It should be noted that 15% of all population of the planet suffer from such intolerance.

One more restriction for persons interested to use milk is the age. To people to whom already for 55, doctors do not advise to include this liquid in the diet. And everything from - for miristinovy acid, it promotes education in our organism of lipoproteid of low density, and they, in turn, can lead to atherosclerosis. And the probability to ache with this illness increases many times after 55 years.

to Whom then can drink milk?

the List of people for whom milk is possible is very big

. We will list only those who need it. That who has sleeplessness cold, a hypertension, heartburn, avitaminosis, osteoporosis - milk considerably will facilitate life. Still doctors recommend to drink this vivifying drink to athletes quicker to build up muscle bulk.

According to experts, a safe dose of milk in day - 300 grams.

From milk and dairy products it is possible to prepare a huge number of tasty and useful dishes. We will bring one of them as an example.

Dairy kissel

to you will be required to

For kissel preparation 1 liters of milk, 125 g of sugar, 3 tablespoons of corn starch, 0,5 glasses of syrup (cherry or cranberry) and vanillin.

Way of preparation : bring milk to boiling, add to it sugar and mix before its full dissolution. Then enter the starch divorced before it in cold milk. Continue to cook even minutes five. Already right at the end add vanillin to a dish and again mix.

If you want that your kissel got a jelly form, it is worth increasing a starch dose in the recipe. And in order that stiffened jelly it is beautiful to get from molds, they should be lowered for couple of seconds in boiled water. After you shifted a dish to plates, jelly can be watered with fruit or berry syrup from above.

Bon appetit!