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How to begin to hate Venice? Part 1

there Took place two years and again an opportunity to go to Venice dropped out. And even for a week! Arrived in the middle of April there and at once got to the real summer (in Russia this spring differed from winter a little).
Stopped in private guest the house under the name “Green Venice“ in Veneto`s province, on the continent, in 10 kilometers from a main goal of the travel.

Funny, but the elderly Moldavian working in the house of the maid appeared the first who met me on the way to a gift. Itself pass - the hotel belonged to the Italian family (not so mafia): mother and the father, their adult daughter with the husband and the son - the teenager. With them there lived an old signora, whether someone`s grandmother, whether the distant relative - plainly did not understand. The old woman had the nurse besides the former native of the USSR, but on it time with (from?) Ukraine. Here such here globalization!

To Venice from hotel was minutes twenty, even taking into account that it was necessary to reach by one bus to the airport and to do change on other route. The Italian buses often and according to the schedule go, and their drivers go quickly. After a lunch so in general there was an opportunity to go free of charge to the city by a minibus of a casino which appeared in the neighbourhood from “Green Venice“. The minibus carried all: and casual tourists like me, and inveterate players (some saw nearly an every night!) . Roads to Veneto absolutely, by the way, not of the European level. And asphalt “patches“ are visible, and small potholes are available.

The second (more precisely the first by date of the basis) the Venetian casino, “Fate“ to be in the city around Kanaredzhio (moves to Lido`s island in the summer). The ancient building attracts not only hazardous players, but also judges of old times. The “Casino of Venice“ which kindly provided a share taxi to everyone, on the contrary, modern - such complex pseudo - tents from metal, glass and plastic. Casinos successfully supplement all idea of modern Venice - the powerful monetary vacuum cleaner which, perhaps, feeds if not all Italy, then the province precisely. Yes, there is still Verona with unfortunate that Shakespearean Juliette`s articles which jammed all right breast (the speech about a statue, certainly, literary Juliette sowing the bowl passed), there is also local “Colosseum“, but who would aspire to the province there is no “a Queen of Adriatic Sea“ here?

“Everything seemingly successfully developed“, - I thought, having appeared in number after arrival. And only later couple of days understood that having pursued low cost, lost clean. Venice as if too the casino, does not love those who try to beat it. Now I will explain why.

As if you did not love Venice, you should not tighten the stay here. Four days are no more. Otherwise you will understand that the city is terribly monotonous. To see the main buildings, to walk on streets, to find a little “the Venice“, having slightly deviated from the main tourist routes, to float on the Grandee - to the channel, and then to round the city from the sea - here the main entertainments. Moreover to climb up a belltower San - Giorgio, to have supper by candlelight at restaurant and to make cruise on channels on a gondola. In total. It is quite enough to absorb the atmosphere of the city. Ah yes, to descend on a main square, San even in the evening - Marko and to listen to a symphonic orchestra. More precisely five different orchestras playing in different corners of the center of Venice.

Council: If you are going to spend more than 3 - 4 hours in the city and to descend often on the coast, buy the reusable travel card. Validity periods from 12 hours to 7 days with unlimited quantity of trips. Operate including on local buses. Actually nothing surprising, both the water and road public transport belongs to the ACTV state corporation.