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Money. The instruction for application of

of Money so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a raise it`s no surprise that they`re
Giving none away

of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
* * *
At each medal is two parties. And our case - it not an exception. As a rule, at school consider only one party this medal, saying that happiness not in money, the main thing - it is love, friendship, life etc. It is right, here we do not argue. However, this rule not always works.
Money spoils the person, these dirty pieces of paper - angrily, they are not necessary to me for happiness... . Yes, yes, yes, it can be heard at any lesson of Russian at average school. But! There is one but . Though is not present, in my story is much but . But about it further. Everything depends on the one who possesses money. He can use them for improvement of the life and life of people around: to achieve the dream, ideas or to do charity work. And here besides but! . Many, owning these pieces of paper, use them as the tool of the power. All of us watch TV, there it is enough examples. Some do them by a cult, the life purpose, forgetting about all the rest and consider that they - this happiness. Correctly it or not - to solve not to us. We can agree or not agree only about ourselves with this opinion.
At the same time, lack of money can be incentive for creation. There is a lot of examples of that, to take at least the same musicians and poets familiar to us: Shevchuk, Butusov, Bashlachyov, Naumenko etc. And in it there is nothing bad. They lived for salaries of firemen and teachers in school. Also wrote not for earnings or glory. You tell that it is just big words for image maintenance. As if not so! Everything is much simpler. At that time, musicians did not know at all that it is possible to receive money for a concert.
A on air our constant heading But! . Lack of money is development in the person of such qualities as envy, hatred, embitternment, offense on all people around and mistrust to all surrounding. Besides, all of us watch TV. There more than it is enough examples. Nevertheless sometime watched abrupt American movies with angry heroes - kleptomaniacs.
So why for one earning money - it is incentive, and for others - push to moral suicide? Here everything depends on each person separately. If it does : writes music, plays sports, is interested in art, generally, filled the life with sense, - wellbeing will surely come to the person. Money - it is not the purpose, but means!
Here, what good was the guy, money spoiled him! . The typical quote from talk on a monetary subject. Money spoiled it, aha, of course. Same as suicide by a shot from the gun in the head. You want to tell that the gun itself was loaded, passed away to your head and shot? Here and I about the same. Everything depends on you. IN TOTAL! we Will sum up
. Ourselves become hostages of the ideals. Money has to work for you, but not you on money. It would seem, a formula simple. However, it is even simpler to cross line, than it seems to us.