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To love or be darling?

Dear girls and women, each of us at least once in the life faced the choice: to connect the life with the person whom we love, or with the one who madly loves us. Heart is torn to darling, and reason - to loving! What to do? And it is only necessary to bring in this task one more variable - our material world, and everything will become clear!

What is love?

the Compound many-sided word which we often use, so up to the end and without understanding sense. The love is an ideality, and nothing ideal, alas, with this world exists. Now all use this word as a synonym of sympathy, passion, love. But it is worth realizing that these so firm and strong feelings break against difficulties of household life always!

What really happens when we love?

the feeling Appeared, in thoughts the model of happy joint life automatically is under construction, we soar thanks to effect of hormones in an organism, we feel happy. Everything that does not approach under our model created in thoughts, we consider as a mistake, we hope that everything will change that there is a grinding in period …

We close eyes to all of misunderstanding, on offenses and we wait, we wait that here - here everything will be as ideal as we to ourselves thought up. But over time the patience becomes a little, forces vanish somewhere, there is an offense on the person who does not correspond to thought - an image, irritability from own powerlessness is born, but we still keep thanks to a habit which already managed to be developed. whether

Is happy the beloved?

When is loved and endowed with attention when as much as possible try to facilitate life, having charged themselves with part of duties of the beloved when the man creates comfort around the beloved, this list can be continued long, then the feeling of happiness appears! Someone will object the famous phrase “with darling paradise and a tent“, but it only to a short period and that during the beginning of the relations when emotions block a way to mind.

Mission of the woman in a family

Let`s look back on the parties and we will pay attention that the best cooks are men, the best drivers - men and in everything men the best. As if women fought for equal rights, but look to the truth in eyes - men are more adapted for life.

They earn more. Yes, there are exceptions, there are women who the real business ladies, but nevertheless in percentage of the man outweigh.

So in what a role of the woman? The representative of the beautiful field has to carry out only three functions:

1) to be a muse for the man, inspiring him on resolute actions;
2) to be mother, this the only thing that the man is not able to do;
3) to be a keeper of the family center, creating a cosiness and giving forces to the soulmate.

by What is dangerous “domestic squabbles“?

Every day the person thinks over questions: what to prepare to eat what to buy children what to dress, and, above all - where to take money for all these needs. If to paint time in days, and not so there is a lot of it, then free remains very little. That time which we can spend for ourselves, having created romanticism with the soulmate.

But it is necessary to consider that after heavy everyday life our exhausted darling will not be able just to present you with all the fact that you expect from him, it is rather on the contrary, inevitable emotional failure will follow on the one who nearby! It gives rise to misunderstanding, offenses and eventually quarrels.

It would be ideal to love and feel equally love, but if this option is excluded, then, dear women, remember always, you are fine and created to be darlings that you were carried on hands and idolized!