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How to diversify a garnish? Let`s remember spinach

the Content of salts of iron in spinach experimentally was determined in the 19th century. And up to 1937 this vegetable culture was considered on them as the champion among plants.

But when all Soviet country rejoiced to the beginning of serial release at the Chelyabinsk plant of the first diesel tractor C - 65, and Germany mourned for death of the Gindenburg airship, someone, immoderately meticulous, decided everything - to specify concerning these salts. Here also it became clear … it Turned out

that the mistake occurred in the first calculations. Perhaps the laboratory assistant was not really attentive, or perhaps he just hurried … But the fact remains. The comma was put incorrectly. Not where it is necessary. And actually in spinach of salts of iron is 10 times less, than defined then, in already distant XIX century.

But all the same. Even despite this scientifically - a historical incident, gland in spinach - more than. And all its salts in this vegetable culture, by the way, in a digestible form. Respectively, are quickly and effectively used by our organism.

On iodine spinach already absolutely precisely, without what mistake - the rasteniyevy champion. And this mineral, by the way, slows down cell aging. Not so that absolutely and forever, but … In the absence of near at hand All-Union Lenin communistic union of youth which somehow - I remember, I remember! - guaranteed eternal youth, it is possible to orient on spinach leaves. In the fresh or frozen look - all the same. Who what loves.

And on protein content spinach takes the honourable third place, having passed on the first green peas, and on the second - young pods of haricot. Naturally, it only among plants. Meat here - out of any competition. Though for the sake of justice it is advisable to note that on the properties protein of spinach is similar to protein of cow`s milk.

And in this vegetable culture - potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and … And whole heap of the most different vitamins. Which, by the way, do not collapse at heat treatment or conservation of spinach.

Therefore to point a finger towards different dreadful diseases like children`s rickets, anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, a hypertension, an enterokolit even it is a shame somehow. Here chesslovo!

Yes if you just got tired. Or you want to increase organism resilience a miscellaneous infectious diseases which now … Take and prepare a shpinatika.

How? Yes everything to a disgrace is simple. It earlier in the afternoon with fire was not to find in shops of spinach. And today …

Now it, as a rule, in any grocery. The main thing to orient - where department of the frozen vegetables. There, among Brussels sprout, green peas and the Mexican mix also standard packing of spinach has to hide.

Except it it is required to us:

- 4 - 5 average potatoes;
- a bulb;
- 100 - 150 of milk;
- 5 - 7 garlic gloves;
- a piece of fat of grams on 100 which at desire can be replaced with vegetable oil;
- salt and pepper, naturally, to taste.

I … We begin?

We know the main rule of cooking of potatoes? If we need tasty broth, potatoes are put in cold water. If we are oriented on that on a result potatoes turned out tasty, it is put in already boiling liquid.

In this case we need the second option. Therefore we peel potatoes and as water in a saucepan will begin to boil, we throw into it the tubers which are previously divided into 4 - 8 parts. We wait for repeated boiling, prisalivay, we diminish fire and we cover.

While potato cooks, it is possible to be engaged in all the rest.

First of all - spinach. In other saucepan we pour grams 100 - 150 waters, we put it on a plate and, without waiting until begins to boil, we put our remarkable vegetable. All plate of the frozen spinach will not enter, is already checked. Therefore, without philosophizing crafty, by means of a knife or directly hands we break it on small pieces and we lower in water. In the course of boiling spinach will be defrozen. And then will also cook. For this purpose water in a saucepan should - give to boil all several minutes. Then to switch off fire, and to set aside the container with spinach from a plate. Let podostynt.

And we cut fat meanwhile. On small, not thick pieces which we throw on the warmed frying pan. As we will throw, under it we diminish fire. In order that from fat to melt fat, it should not be strong. Slightly higher than an average - this most that. Well, and from time to time we do not forget to stir slowly.

While fat burns, we clean a bulb, we cut it on two parts and we slice. At first thin half rings, and then and them is across. The more small, the better.

Fat was melted? With cracklings there can be options. It is possible to cast away them from a frying pan, and it is possible to fry onions directly with them. Here everything depends on how your house belong to fat. If not really, then onions purely on the melted fat are better to cast away and brown cracklings. Well, and if very much “not really“, then it, from a sin, it is better to replace with couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.

By the way, onions in the course of roasting it is worth to remember to stir slowly too.

While onions yes business, spinach already managed to cool down. We throw back it on a close-meshed colander and we allow to flow down. And we will be engaged in garlic. We clean it and - in a chesnokodavilka. If that in economy is not present, then we put the cleared, small cut cloves in a mortar and by means of a pestle we pound them.

About! And potato - that … Already. Cooked.

We merge water, we add to a saucepan of warm … Surely warm milk! From cold potato will darken.

We add to a saucepan of warm milk and we mash potato on mashed potatoes. To which we add the browned onions, davleny garlic and the filtered boiled spinach. And properly we mix all this. Before formation of homogeneous mass of pleasant it is green - diamond color. Our garnish. For the sake of which, actually, all was also started.

And to check it in business, without delaying, - on a plate our garnish. And to it something such. To men - more satisfying. Piece of a small fish, for example. Or myaska. Or cutlet. Well, and to women if they it is better than any accountant keep account to the eaten calories, it is possible to recommend something easier to spinach. For example, fried egg.

And if all this and already on a plate … At a table. At a table, dear!