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Advantages of wooden houses from a glued bar and rafter systems

of tradition of wooden construction of Ancient Russia revive Recently prompt rates. And today, in 2013, the house from a felling is more than popular. In such structures century traditions - for example, the adjustment of logs by the principle a butt to top allowing to clean negative natural effect of narrowing of trunks, - are combined with modern manufacturing techniques and preparation of a bar (glued and pro-thinned out) and the rounded logs. As a result today materials for construction of buildings are most unified (the same diameter, adjustment and so on is executed) and at the same time keep the natural advantages.
From - for the numerous advantages wooden houses from a bar deserve close examination. Let`s get acquainted with their features closer. Let`s begin with an integral bar for which production usually take ship pine breeds. When processing remove porous top layers (sapwood) from wood, keeping only a dense kernel that does a bar to more durable.
the ship wood goes after that on the technological line where logs clear, give them the necessary profile, do them the exact size. Result of such processing - the pro-thinned-out bar with a clamping mezhventsovy heater and grooves to it, a landing head, thorns, a plain lateral surface. It is construction material which does not demand adjustment and finishing after laying any more. It is not necessary to apply a paint and varnish covering or the impregnating structure on an integral bar, it does not need to be glued or impregnated with pitch. The wooden house built of it is most eco-friendly.
at the same time moisture level in an integral bar is not higher than 18 - 22% so houses from it are not subject to rotting and are not afraid of fungi or bacteria. Also there is no shrinkage of the wooden building therefore time from building of object from an integral bar before its commissioning is minimum.
the Following popular material deserving our attention is a glued bar. It is made of several wooden preparations which are stuck together with each other (it is clear from the name), and it perfectly proves in practice. But before construction of the house from a glued bar this material needs to be prepared definitely. In fact, it is necessary to make a bar still: to find a suitable tree, to saw it, to dry, stick together, process externally, to walk a mill.
If is more detailed, process of preparation of material looks as follows. By a cut from an integral log receive a certain size of a board which dry then. Then from the wood massif delete the remains of knots and other visible defects. After that boards connect to the necessary length and zastrugivat on the first class of purity. Thus form the lamels which are faultlessly dried up and ideally smooth. They are stuck together by pressing in a bar (up to 20 cm thick in a case with construction of wooden houses). During the last process apply special glue structures with high water proofness.
Is one nuance: in a bar of a lamel stick together so that fibers of wood of the next preparations in the direction are opposite each other. It increases durability of a glued bar and brings to naught change of the geometrical sizes at fluctuations of level of humidity. In other words, the tree over time processed and grouped thus “does not conduct“. For this reason the houses and cottages made of a glued bar have not enough shrinkage. And, in principle, all designs made of the processed wood maintain both sharp, and long differences of levels of humidity and temperature.
at the same time needs to be noted that connecting details for integral and glued bars are made with high precision therefore all details can be joined qualitatively among themselves. Also solid pine perfectly keeps heat therefore to the wooden house frosts and wind are not terrible. Considering
everything above-written, it is possible to draw a conclusion: and in 2013 construction of houses from an integral or glued bar continues to remain actual, and not from - for fashions, and owing to the practicality. And active introduction of modern technologies does construction of objects of a tree also very perspective.