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What waits for Honda in the second half of the year 2013? The Official statistics says

to us that by 2010 more than 85% of all Honda models realized in the USA were let out in North America. Therefore it is no wonder that practically all accessories (spare parts, key units, materials) are made for cars of the Honda brand
in North America too and later disperse on the world. Though some electronic components which are of huge importance are let out only by Thailand and other Asian countries.

For this reason, according to official representatives of an autobrand, cooperation with the Thai suppliers is strategically important for Honda. And it as paradoxically it looks, helps to restore deliveries of North American accessories.
at the same time owners of an autobrand emphasize that during the post-crisis period of Honda, as well as earlier, is focused to keep all the workers. On all objects of the North American region dismissals &ndash are not planned; the number of labor places will not decrease. At the same time days of idle time (non-productive) will be considered as unpaid days off (naturally, without any penalties). In other words, if in one of these days the staff of offices Honda does not come to work, labor hours will go to the account of unpaid leave or extraordinary day off.

Similar politicians looks especially humane in the light of a failure of sales of Civic 2012 in 2013. The American division Honda executed restyling of model and let out it to the world markets. But motorists and masses - media met the updated Civic 2012 by sharp criticism.
Is possible, such unsuccessful presentation is caused also by continuous drop in sales of Honda cars in America. By results for November 1, 2012 it is possible to conclude that the quarterly collapse was the worst since 1991 - at least, analysts hold such opinion. And it, besides, is confirmed by figures: in the next 3 months of sale Honda in the USA decreased even more - to 252 000 cars that is 20% lower, than indicators of the corresponding period in 2012.

Representatives of Honda declared that the reasons of decrease in demand should be looked for in March events of 2012. On their opinions, process of drop in sales was started at once by 2 events - strengthening of yen and Japanese earthquakes. In addition, a role was played also by financial performance, for example, net and operating profit, and also revenue.
in One more blow for Honda became a flood of 2013 in Thailand. Nikkei, the authoritative Japanese edition for businessmen, reported that a number of the plants which are almost individually releasing key accessories from - for cataclysm can suspend production for 3 - 6 months.
Taking into account all facts given above can be concluded that the 3 and 4 quarters 2013 will also be not the most successful in the history of Honda. But analysts are sure that the autobrand which is famous for quality of the cars will be able adequately to endure this crisis period.