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What is Albania interesting by? City of Shkoder. Part 2

our travel across Albania continued. Morning was fine, the breakfast was remarkable, “buffet“ was wonderfully well, the car waited for us on the square in agreed time. Generally, day began amicably and cheerfully. We began to realize plans which there was an ocean with short march through the city to the river bank Drin.

On the road we tried to understand the strange kolonnoobrazny constructions placed on Shkodersky squares admired new buildings of the city and tried to be engaged in studying of various stages of life cycle of fruits of a pine, well, on - simple, its cones.

The first stop was on one of Shkoder`s areas, maybe, and central, but it is only our assumption. Because there is an impressive monument to the Albanian symbol of the end of the XX century - to Mother Teresa, the person in popularity nearly made even to great Skanderbeg, any people need the heroes.

We drove up to the river bank, the normal embankment on which we with pleasure walked was almost deserted. On the bridge some revival was observed, people continuously crossed the river in both directions.

On the opposite coast there was some very unusual building with two big poles of a slanted form with the antenna fixed between them. The territory was surrounded a metal fence, a fencing from a gray stone which was used also for construction of a chain of the separate, rising uphill constructions reminding ancient small chapels, but for some reason without habitual cross.

Without having understood mission of this construction, we slowly went on the coast towards the automobile bridge which seemed in the distance through the river. The bridge standing on powerful support connected not just two river banks, not very long ago it was in nearly only way to other world, several tens kilometers - and there was already absolutely other life, free and unclear for the Albanians who were behind a “iron“ curtain. There was a border with Yugoslavia.

There passed years, the bridge stands on the same place, on it also there go cars, the border is too where was, only now there already other country - Montenegro though there live the same people speaking the same language as in former years. But and in Albania everything was changed, here and on the bridge the movement became more briskly too.

Any special purpose in movement on Drin Embankment at us was not, and so it turned out, most likely it is casual that we went towards the mountain which seemed in the distance with the impressive fortification surrounding its top. And behind a wall there was the well-known Shkodersky fortress, or fortress of Rozafy, the following place which we would like to visit this morning.

Our rush suspended the phone call which sharply changed all plans: he notified that the baggage which departed without us in the unknown direction, at last, arrived to point of the appointment and patiently waits for owners at the airport of the capital of Albania. We reached the car and went to Tirana, having with regret darted a glance at fortress at top of the mountain which remained not subdued by us.

By the way, then it seemed to me, and it was confirmed with stories of more successful travelers subsequently what especially to regret was and it is not necessary: fortress as the fortress which is moderately destroyed by time, but not enemies. Here also believe those rumors that Turks, occupying the cities and the countries, destroyed all historical monuments on the way. Time was more relentless, than artful conquerors, and as if in old times were not skillful builders what eggs they would not mix to lime for giving of durability to the creations, one thousand years are a one thousand years. And that will be able to resist time and the nature, rub in stones of egg or do not rub, - all the same everything ashes will become and will turn into sand. Here so all also happened to Shkodersky fortress...

I judge it according to those someone else`s photos which caught sight to me. Here as it turns out, the medieval British and German castles which remained up to now are in a fine state, but in it, most likely, the merit of those who lived in them and still lives. And there was nobody to live in the fortress of Rozafy, here it also collapsed slowly.

Here that I am really sorry for, so is that we did not manage to reach the most unique multidome, but at the same time the bezminaretny Lead mosque - the only thing in the world of the construction which remained up to now which roof is entirely cast from lead. It is known that the mosque was built in 1773 by the pasha Bushati Mehmet and it is executed in style of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Well, it is it seems constructed and constructed, an eka nevidal, in those days any conquerors where came, right there sought to fix the domination in historical scale, and there was it, as a rule, by some grandiose construction - generally fortresses with locks, monuments or cult constructions. Another is amazing: this mosque was built in those days when lead was actually more expensive than gold, and the Ottoman Empire which was at war nearly with all world around consumed infinite amount of this metal for casting of bullets. Still not clearly, from what the Turkish lords who are well able to count money so showed a bit of generosity on this not main mosque in the empire. The lead mosque - really so unique construction that remained the only mosque in the country which was not destroyed or any is in any other manner befouled even at the time of government in Albania of communists.

And we were already faced by other tasks - to receive baggage then to go to Durres, the special area of Albania.