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How to go to Europe? The PERMANENT RESIDENCE in Bulgaria. Personal experience of

Having accustomed to the country of vechnokrasny tomatoes, you understand that life is good, quiet and fine here. There is a work, hobbies, an opportunity to travel around mountains and to have a rest at the sea, to fly to the different countries of Europe with low-budget companies and just to enjoy the attitude towards you as to the person. to be afraid of

nothing. To process in time documents for extension of the residence permit (RP) of times a year - and all. And after five years of stay with the status of VNZh - to receive automatically the PERMANENT RESIDENCE, the constant place a residence in one of the European Union countries.

The faithless internet commentators who wallowed in realities of the Russian reality and not leaving never further the regional center in a root do not agree that in Bulgaria life is better and cheaper, than, for example, in Udomlya or Vyshny Volochyok. Clear business, is more habitual to them there. On that they also exist as a class of lumpens in the cities. Across all Russia.

And the person thinking of himself and of the family - that which does not run on meetings and works to support the family, - probably, thinks differently. Also will prefer life in Bulgaria to vegetation in the city forgotten by the authorities.

Everyone chooses on himself. And I - the inhabitant of the country of vechnokrasny tomatoes old already who passed all way of an emigrantstvo from the very beginning, since receiving VNZh and extension of annual stay, and then at once the received status of the PERMANENT RESIDENCE (permanent residence) in Bulgaria, termless for myself and the family, - narrate to you about the Bulgarian reality here. As the akyn sings Kazakh kyuy - that I see around, about that and I sing. Real steps. And anything more.

And any DVZh, ZhZhP, BPZh and other ZhZhZh which are flogged ignorant by other openers of the country of Bulgaria it is not necessary to receive. Lived five years with VNZh - and receive according to article 25 - 5 Laws on chuzhdenets (foreigners) of RB the status of the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Changed to you PNC (personal number of chuzhdenets) on UCN (uniform civil number) Bulgarian - and you obolgaritsya at once, you cannot participate only in elections. And it is necessary to you? Were the representative - already the representation is not necessary now: you have EGN and to run annually - to be pushed in migration it is not necessary to prolong the status.

Get a job where you want - across all Europe and the whole world. EGN is force. After five years of stay it is received by the foreigner, in Bulgaria living.

The technology of receiving permanent residence in Bulgaria is simple and does not depend on you. Automatically everything occurs.

Submitted documents for continuous stay, but not on long-term as many part in migration and not only (say that after VNZh it is necessary to make out DVZh, and then the PERMANENT RESIDENCE). Utter nonsense. Five years with VNZh lived, have no problems with police and migration - file documents under article 25 point 5. And all. And listen to nobody, especially to clever men internetovy. As we had

After a five-years period of extension of VNZh as “the director of the trade mission“ filed documents on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE - at once under article 25 - 5, previously having ordered the new national biometric passport in consulate of the Russian Federation in Sofia.

It is necessary to file documents on permanent residence in 3 months prior to the termination of period of validity of VNZh. Pensioners are burgos, and not only, too can do so - according to the status to give and not to bother DPZh - PPSh.

Documents were accepted. The package is usual. Status, bank reference, insurance, copies any necessary.

We sit we smoke a bamboo. We wait for the decision.

Around us various “assistants“ to accelerate process of consideration of a question of the PERMANENT RESIDENCE begin to curl. Which darkness. In the person of the uncomfortable rusnak which ate the brought money and now the engaged subjects than and in Russia were engaged. Small fraud. Notice - to accelerate “consideration process“, but not receiving the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Laughter and only. To whom to accelerate process - to us? Which all tested on own neck?.

I - that perfectly know that in police - migration cannot accelerate anything as it is impossible and to influence the decision. There are term and the divided structures which to stop corruption, are engaged only in part of cases of immigrants. All affairs have number, and according to this number there is a movement according to laws and rules on different stages and departments of migration.

If what is not enough in documents - send to the migrant by mail the letter with the notice under a list with number proceeding that it informed of necessary documents. And all. Any personal contact. In windows of receptions communication happens only to girls. And the decision to provide either VNZh, or the PERMANENT RESIDENCE (or to expel the emigrant from Bulgaria) is accepted exclusively jointly as jurors.

And if you are assured that will help because have acquaintances in migration and police that quickly all will make positively, - just lie to you, do not trust.

Everything under the law becomes, and nobody in migration by shoulder straps will not begin to risk from - for some emigrant. So that`s that.

... I continue to tell about our process.

In 2 months after giving the letter that it is necessary to inform in migration of couple of documents, notarized comes. Means, our cases are considered. Made, informed. Handed over in a window.

All assistants to accelerate process as you, probably, understood, sent to fishing.

In two weeks, in 15 days prior to completion date of our VNZh, speak in a migration window - gave the PERMANENT RESIDENCE, rejoice, pay a dachshund to cash desk of 1000 lev, give two photos - and all. The letter from migration in a community for receiving EGN is ready.

We pay one thousand lev from the person, we take the notice and we go to a community where we live in Bulgaria, that is in Russian speaking - there where the registration is given. Hand over the letter from migratory service, we fill in couple of forms on each member of family, we pay a dachshund 8,5 Leva from the person and we receive on hands our EGN - that is Uniform Civil Number, as at all Bulgarians. About our old LNCh - personal number of chuzhdenets - we forget.

Then we carry from a community the EGN in migration again and we receive new personal maps - passports Bulgarian in which it is proud cost EGN instead of LNCh.

And serpasto - molotkasty red color documents can be forgotten already because all. The PERMANENT RESIDENCE in a pocket, Europe waits, and work on 20 euros an hour waits in one of the European Union countries too. Work for those who have EGN and knowledge with experience respectively.

Here so what and to all of you I wish. Also do not trust especially “pomogala“ and “openers“. Some affairs, of course, can be charged to them, but not everyone.