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How many it is necessary to feed a dog to satisfy her needs for energy?

Today, taking into account existence of a huge variety of ready-made feeds, this question remain actual for all owners of dogs. But it is rather difficult to answer it unambiguously. It is necessary to consider a number of the factors which are directly defining portions of four-leg friends.

Meanwhile it is difficult to overestimate value of the balanced food. So, for example, if the dog eats a little and weighs below norm, she slowly recovers, possesses weak muscles and, respectively, quickly is tired, it for certain broke a metabolism. If the dog overeats, she begins to suffer from obesity that is fraught with problems with joints, diseases of skin and even development of diabetes. Improper feeding reduces the term of life of animals, balanced - on the contrary, increases.

As today to understand how many forages need to be filled in a bowl of a favourite dog? It is actually simple to make it: on packing of each qualitative forage there is an instruction for dispensing. But, of course, it cannot consider all nuances, the optimum portion of food can be in wide range. Also at selection of quantity of food it is impossible to be guided only by the pet`s weight. So information on a label - it is only a certain reference point. Especially as there is no certain universal formula for exact definition of energy needs of any specifically taken dog.

Remember that devoted pets differ on the breeds and the sizes, on an image and living conditions, on rates of development and level of activity, under the constitution and wool. All these factors play the role in their power balance. Just compare a Pekinese, all day sleeping in the apartment, to the Siberian Huskies in a day running tens of kilometers on snow. Energy needs of two of these dogs often differ in tens of times. So how many a forage to give the first and second?

Here it is necessary to consider that any dog for active actions needs on average 1,6 - 2 times more calories, than for rest. Of course, this knowledge does not allow to define at once how many in the accuracy of a forage it is necessary to give to the pet, but it is one more reference point showing change of requirements of the shaggy favourite. But except it it is necessary to consider still breed of a dog, density of its wool, the current temperature in the house and beyond its limits. All these factors will also be able to change standard daily rate of a forage of your pet.

And, of course, the current exact weight of a dog and that which you plan to reach in the future becomes one more starting point. Study instructions on a forage pack, look according to tables what have to be normal portions taking into account age, weight, activity of your pet. At last address the veterinarian. The expert will prompt to you what your dog has to have weight whether she receives physical activities in sufficient volume, whether you overfeed her with what portions it is necessary to begin. In a word, the veterinarian will give you answers to all actual and concerning feeding questions. But it does not mean that it is necessary to visit him only once. Make visits to veterinary clinic regular, every month to weigh a dog that precisely know that you give it the put portions.