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Development of KM, KMD

Today development of drawings DM (designs of metal) and KMD (with the detailing) - it is the most important stage of any project, its basis and basis. And therefore it is so important not to forget that two of this types of documentation essentially differ among themselves with both the contents, and the appointment.
So, the design organizations usually develop drawings of KM for the plants which are letting out a metalwork. And the main goal of creation of similar documentation consists in grouping a metalwork, to make their production unified, to enter them in the construction project taking into account technological, construction and even transport requirements and nuances. For this reason KM family includes a number of drawings. It and schemes of a metalwork (as general plans, and in longitudinal / cross-sections), both schemes of constructive elements, and data on loads of the base and key points of object, and the specification of products of metal rolling. In drawings of KM there has to be all main information which can only be necessary for creation and registration of project documentation of KMD.
In turn, drawings of KMD (with the detailing) are basis for direct production of a metalwork. Most often they are developed by specialists of design division of plant on the basis of documentation sent them by KM. Also during creation of drawings of KMD are guided by data on technological features of plant - producer, about the used equipment. The KMD full project also includes a number of working drawings, - the metalwork necessary for production of the created details, and stroitelno - installation works - and also additional documentation.
at the same time is important that registration of drawings of KMD helps to determine the final cost of the embodiment of the project at life. Therefore this stage cannot be neglected when building any object: you remember that to mount a metalwork, being guided only by information of drawings of KM - it is simply nonprofessional. Such approach can yield negative result in the form of insufficient configuration of designs, discrepancies of elements, the wrong calculation of sections and, as a result, low-quality installation. Remember that on the basis of drawings of KM it is necessary to calculate still the estimate and to think over technology of installation. Only after that it will be possible to pass to direct production and installation of a metalwork, being guided by documentation of KMD. At such approach to business the cost of works will be determined precisely, and their quality will be able to be maximum.