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For what were destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

Sadly I look at our generation... It is difficult to believe that people, there are a lot of years carefree lived in atheism, suddenly suddenly came back to faith in God. So mass address can be explained or God`s with miracle, or the fact that the new found belief so shaky, as well as safely lost atheism. same

O that a little to strengthen this unsteadiness, having thoughtfully read the sacred writing, the speech does not go at all. Religious texts - trudnovaty reading. Trudnovaty and dullish.

But in the Bible there are also fascinating episodes. One of such episodes - destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. This history is read as if excellent to a fantasy. Or as fascinating film script.

An initial scene of this imagined movie, delimitation of Abraham and his nephew Lota, itself asks on the screen. Here they two stand on mountain top, looking also that part of the desert which goes down to the turning green valley of the Jordan River, and that its part that as if to heaven rises to the place where there will be Jerusalem later.

Both of them are rich. It is a lot of cattle at Abraham, it is a lot of cattle at Lota, mutual conflicts between shepherds also begin. For the best pastures, for the place at a watering place. That these conflicts did not develop into war, it is necessary to disperse.

“... Separate from me: if you on the left, then I to the right; and if you to the right, then I on the left... Also they separated from each other. Abraham began to live on the earth Canaanite; and Lot... stretched tents to the Row“. (Life, 13)

this cinema also will not do without battle scenes. Foreign tsars attacked a camp Lota, robbed it and captivated together with family. Abraham came to the rescue of the nephew. At the head of men of the tribe it overtook for robbers, hurt them in night fight and helped out the relative and all his property. (Life, 14)

Further our movie gradually turns into the movie - accident. But at first it seems the comedy. Abraham`s tent has three travelers. Abraham recognizes in them God in an appearance of his envoys, angels. By the way, the word “angelos“ on - is Greek meant by “envoy“, the direct translation of the Jewish word with the same value - “piers“.

These angels - angels - terminators. It is entrusted to them to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah which wallowed in sins so that exhausted God`s patience.

And this strange old man, Abraham, suddenly tried to change the God`s decision. He began to bargain with God as if in the market in some Damascus or in Jericho. Also achieved - the, lowered a level of a limit of Lord`s anger! Doomed to destruction Sodom and Gomorrah God undertook to pardon under a condition if there are in these cities at least ten righteous persons. (Life, 18) in What residents of the guilty cities “caused a stir“ in

? Anyone will be able to tell about it, even the deputy of the State Duma now. But we will not begin to listen to angry deputy filippik. Let`s read better the text.

If who thinks that God punished residents of Sodom and Gomorrah for promiscuity in general and for incorrect sexual orientation in particular, he is mistaken. God, apparently, was very we suffer in this question to the creations. He - that precisely knew from what materyalets they are created. So failures in the genetic program of the person - a commonplace. Besides, the Divine reason which allocated this ridiculous monkey generated such imaginations in her head! And these imaginations were the mighty engine of progress of all human society! At the general benefit brought by vivid creative imagination in the field of sexual it was possible to reconcile to some of his “kinks“.

As for Abraham and his edinoplemennik the appropriate and unseemly sexual behavior for them was shared clearly and accurately. Being nomads - bedouins, in questions of sex they professed simplicity and fundamentalism. Sex is necessary for a reproduction. Point. Everything that leads to “waste of seed fund“ - incorrectly as contradicts the first God`s precept transferred to people: “Propagate and breed!“ Therefore both the paederasty, and zoophilia (quite frequent sin in pastushesky tribes), and an onanism, and also anal and oral sex were considered as equally ungodly. Presently we are much more tolerant in this question. Isn`t that so? We not bedouins some, and the people educated.

Not for debauchery complaints to God to inhabitants of the Row, and for their attitude towards newcomers rose. Newcomers in this city were not loved and not welcomed. At best they were forced, and in the worst - killed.

The reason of villainies was absolutely zhlobsky. Sodom and Gomorrah settled down in one of the best places for life on Earth. Here, in the hollow which was on 400 meters below sea-level it was always warm and the river Jordan flew. Water and soft climate - what else is necessary? Here everything that could grow grew. Residents of Sodom and Gomorrah never knew hunger. God`s grace!

But, being afraid that the grace will not be enough for all, did not wish to the sodomitena that here other people came to lodge. Here also otvazhivat guests as could, breaking all laws of hospitality adopted in the world of that time. For it the neighboring people considered inhabitants of the Row dissolute and worthy the God`s penalty. “Also the Lord told: the cry Sodomsky and Gomorrsky, is big it, and their sin, is heavy it very; I will descend and will look whether precisely they act this way, what cry on them which is going back to Me or not; I learn“. (Life, 18) to

A now the cheerful comedy, as well as it was promised, passes into the movie - accident. Angela - blighters came to the Row and met there Lota which offered them the hospitality. But, as they say, “from people on the village you will not hide“. Hardly guests settled down on a lodging for the night as residents were and demanded to give newcomers at Lota. Business for Lota would be come to a bad end if his guests did not strike the audience sodomlyan with a blindness. And it was the small share of what angels - murderers were capable of.

Now there were no doubts in moral qualities of residents of this lovely city. Ten righteous persons who are managed to get by Abraham at God were not here. So the destiny of Sodom and Gomorrah was decided.

Till the dawn angels removed Lota with its family out of limits of the Row and started business. From nowhere, the black cloud flew and on the fateful cities sulfur and fire spilled. It was the picture, comparable with atomic bombing. Generally, in the Row it was worse, than in Pompey. Burned out everything and all. Without the rest, without trace. And then this place was filled in by Jordan River water. The Dead Sea was so formed. It really dead. In its awfully salty water there cannot be no live organism.

God`s miracles of subjects also differ that do not break laws of the nature, God of established. Therefore scientists can explain quite scientifically old accident, appealing to the fact that all valley where once lay Sodom and Gomorrah, is just on border between two continents, Asia and Africa. Africa quietly “drives off“ from Asia therefore earthquakes in this area - not a rarity. Four thousand years ago one of such earthquakes could be so strong that from an underground subsoil the volcanic lava rushed. Here to you and fiery execution of Sodom and Gomorrah...

However, attempts of a similar scientific explanation of terrible God`s miracles became now not only are not fashionable, but are even dangerous. And suddenly you will offend by it feelings of believers! Everything is sick around steel prayerful and besides surprisingly sensitive. Such sensitivity, maybe, would also speak about tenderness of soul if it was not followed by resistant desire immediately to polish to the insulter a snout. In the best traditions of religious morals.