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Than the credit cooperative is better than bank

B for 2013, as well as in previous, emergence of a large number of new banks and active growth of their total is noted. In such situation less attention it is given to consumer cooperatives - many Russians or just do not know about the similar organizations or do not understand their advantages. And it when to borrow money in any of banks rather difficult.

Loans are issued not everything, being guided by a number of the formal reasons. It is necessary that the identity of the debtor caused trust in bank. And for this purpose the borrower needs to possess stable business and to give the whole pile of documents. Also at the debtor can not be the guarantor or suitable mortgage object - in such cases money will not give out to it too. Can refuse a loan also to the company which is recently registered or begun to operate on the market.

But in 2013 to banks there is a real alternative - these are credit cooperatives. Having entered one of them, the beginning businessman will be able to unite with adherents - the same businessmen interested without problems to borrow money and it is favorable to put them in perspective projects. At the same time all shareholders of a PDA will be able to use more flexible and loyal system of delivery of means. To banks the confirmed income of the debtor and his credit history are important. And here in a PDA it is possible to borrow money, without providing documents. The credit cooperative will take the word, based on business reputation of the businessman. In 2013 the PDA is that source of financing, to the aid whom the beginning businessman or the person without officially confirmed income can count.

It is also important to consider that the bank covering still is not All-Russian. In many settlements of the Russian Federation, even enough big, by 2013 there are no branches of large banks. In the conditions of absence of the financial organizations residents of these cities are extremely poorly informed on those opportunities of crediting which are available to them. Though in such situation people first of all should address to credit consumer cooperative. It will be useful as that who wants to borrow money, and that who wishes to make investments and to receive dividends. It is possible to open a PDA without problems in any city, and people from any settlement of the Russian Federation can be his shareholders with convenience to themselves.
One more unconditional plus of a PDA that its participant can invest directly any enterprise, at the same time granting any sums, even small. The people who are wishing to develop business - the project, but not having means for its individual financing can be shareholders of credit cooperatives. They just unite within a PDA and later draw interest from profit in compliance with the deposits. At the same time people do not need to open state of emergency or to make out bank details.
From here conclusion: the credit cooperative gives the chance quickly and without pledge to obtain loans or to put any sums in development of interesting projects. And in 2013 and in the future participation in a PDA will be convenient as for the beginning businessmen, and just for people, persons interested that their means worked.