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“Just Maria“ or About what series are silent?

Serial soap in Mexico - a product popular, perceived by all age groups. Did not begin to write “and social“ because whatever one may do, and this product is intended - for people with prosperity and education below an average, it is ground under their needs and interests, highlights (eee... tries to highlight) their problems etc.

According to series well to learn Spanish! Language in this look Eskustva is used certain average - all - clear, the main thought will be repeated in every possible way in each series by fifteen times, each situation will be sucked round from all directions so that, in principle, and without language it will become clear that Juan changes Huan, and she loves it - cannot.

The people learning language according to series it is visible rather it is heard at once. However, for a two-three of months of communication with normal carriers the lexicon at them is leveled and returns to normal.

What I mean under average language? Only that as in series, do not speak anywhere. The people of high and average social groups having education and a certain level of culture and the people from “bottoms“ having behind shoulders from 1 to 5 classes of school speak absolutely differently.

Imagine the poor dirty area, the drunkard comes back home after midnight, he is met by the wife:

- What there is with you, Jose? On you there is no person! You drank again and you were fired again?

- Ah, do not speak so, Lola, I ask you!

Ridiculously? To me too. And now present a rich mansion, in an office the financial bigwig sits and unburdens the heart to the cleaner:

- Ah, Dona Maria, as if I wanted that Theresa and Marko got married, they so love each other! But I have bad presentiments...

- Ah, do not speak so, senor Lorenzo, I ask you! - the cleaner replies, having tenderly touched the owner of a mansion for a sleeve.

In my opinion, it is ridiculously even more.

People in barrio in informal conversation use a slang - as well as at us “boys on the rayena“. It is more than that, people from the same city, but from different “rayon“ can sometimes and not understand each other from - for differences in this slang. And it is even more: the person from “tops“ too very often does not understand the person from “bottoms“ - correctly, from - for ignorances of a slang by one and ignorance of normal words by another. Some slangy words to themselves are quite harmless, but the majority carries quite rough and more than ambiguous character, and clear business, will not insert it into series.

I will distract from a subject of series. My familiar teacher working with difficult teenagers told how each new academic year at him begins with the fact that at the first lesson of history there is a general laughter. Why? Children learn new words which they never heard, and they to them seem to be stunned what ridiculous - policy, war, culture, antiquity, history, the people etc. of

But we will return to our rams. The main subject of almost any series - aha, love. And in series literally “all age are obedient to it“. What in real life? I already somehow wrote that for the Mexican woman to marry - it is prestigious. Or rather, there is no great sin if the woman is not married or divorced, but... all - she is married to be better. Whether such intricate intrigues for the purpose of a zapolucheniye of the first guy (maid) on the village, with kidnapping, with road accidents, false letters and other compound feed are under construction? Yes. In series.

Level of frenzied and it is aggressive - isteroidny persons in Mexico not higher, than in any other country. And for the arranged accident, illegal abortion and, especially, for kidnapping here quite rigid punishments, from here - conclusions. Certainly, if the person does not earn by crimes to himself a living. Fortunately, such not the majority. Lyubov lives here and breathes, as well as everywhere, and as well as everywhere, people have also other problems - work, study, sharing of inheritance, an illness, debts, quarrels with neighbors, failures of contracts and so forth. Real life is much more prosy also budnichny than series, it is good or it is bad.

What else distinguishes classical series? Poor and honest Maria and rich and kind Jose`s love - Luisa (names you can replace with any pleasant). In real life this idyll happens far not so often as it would be desirable poor and honest. No, of course, to put to bed the pretty servant who arrived from the village very few people will refuse, but further it business will not go. Process of laying in a bed can differ from serial very much too: beautiful words - it is good, but it is possible not to ask at all if there is a strong wish. There are, however, certain philanthropists who can buy then the poor and honest beauty a suitcase of dresses or give some there money, or still something from a compensation - otkupny, but the majority will prefer to send if something happens such Maria back to her village if not just to expose on the street. At night and under a rain. Because tomorrow ten more same will come in large numbers, and even it is more beautiful.

And here even the difference in a social or economic situation how many a difference in education not so much plays a role. What to speak about with poor and honest Maria when the romantic period of the relations ends? With whom to acquaint her? Where to invite her? She which - as is able to read eats with hands and a spoon, speaks slang, from interests at her - to watch soap operas about same as she.

There are exceptions of any rules, but the more they confirm those rules. The servants remain servants, and are quite seldom perceived in a different way - though there are also such families where still a big question who whom “operates“! It is good still if externally with servants are polite and courteous because the girl from the village who is hardly able to read and not seeing nothing in life except the cow is very easy target. She does not know the rights, does not know where to it to run to complain in big others city, does not know as well as where to it to settle if to expel her on the street. It cannot elementary stand for itself. It is unlikely it will even be able to spend intelligently a compensation which by miracle will come the way of it.

Therefore Maria who was hooked in the city found the teacher, was learned and opened the studio - it is, really, a unique person, worthy admiration. The humdrum of life for such little girls is too severe, especially for little girls of serial type - honest, naive, romantic and beautiful.