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What of smartphones very best? The digest of special devices

Once smartphones were a novelty therefore a rarity. But time goes, everything changes, and “clever“ phones surely restrict the simple fellows. New models of smartphones appear nearly every week.

We, users and potential buyers, got used to the “average“ smartphone both under the budget, and by opportunities. And therefore seldom we are interested in novelties or unusual models. And to be surprised there is to what …

the biggest the smartphone today - of Samsung Galaxy Mega 6. 3 . Those who think that he figures in the name of model at all not the diagonal of the display, will surprise. Quite so also is. Resolution of this huge screen makes 1280 on 720 (it is the HD 720p standard). However, except the sizes, this model surprises with nothing. The processor - binuclear, RAM - 1,5 GB, a full set of wireless communications, GPS.

One more “kid“ from Samsung is Galaxy Note III.

Running forward, I will tell that Galaxy Mega 6. 3 will be the biggest smart in the world till July 4. What happens this day? Sony will present the Xperia Z Ultra smartphone with Full HD (it 1920 on 1080 pixels) the display with a diagonal of 6,44 inches! Other characteristics of “a big surprise“ from Sony too at height.

And here it is considered of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini the smallest a smart, though is issued since 2010. Its sizes only 50 by 83 mm, thickness - 16 mm, weight - 88 grams. The screen of the baby 2,5 - inch. Characteristics not really - they are sacrificed to diminutiveness. It is unlike more convenient to carry with itself X10 Mini, than smarts of almost tablet sizes about which it was told above.

The very best cameraphone can surprise with a tenfold optical zoom. Absolutely not bad, considering that the device all - phone. Developers of Samsung caused a stir again. It is about one more representative of the range Galaxy - the S4 Zoom model . Small by the sizes, average according to characteristics, the smart turned out quite heavy. From - for 16 - a megapixel matrix and a lens (focal length 4. 3-43 mm, svetosila 3. 1-6. 3) it weighs nearly 210 grams.

But here - here Nokia will present the device which can begin to eclipse S4 Zoom not optics, but … 41 - a megapixel matrix. The device Nokia EOS is called and it will work, unlike other smarts mentioned earlier under control of Windows Phone 8 OS.

The most multinuclear the smart - has 8 computing kernels of different architecture. In Samsung Galaxy Note III the Exynos 5 Octa processor consists of four high-performance Cortex - A15 with a frequency of 1,8 GHz for games and heavy programs, and energy saving Cortex - A7 with a frequency of 1,2 GHz.

And again we will glance in the future. There will be smartphones on new Snapdragon 800 processors from Qualcomm and Tegra 4i from NVidia soon, and judging by their characteristics, it is new jump in productivity.

Transition from one-nuclear processors to two-nuclear was significant, on two kernels almost ceased to brake Android. And here really comfortable work in the interface and in difficult appendices will become with a wide circulation of processors with 4 kernels.

Not everyone is able to afford to lay out a round sum for the smartphone. In a case with Galaxy Mega 6. 3 it is 21 300 rubles, with Apple iPhone 5 - 23 590 rubles. For a wide range of consumers there are budgetary decisions which on a ratio price / quality can “surpass“ special models for a techno - maniacs.

Frankly speaking, surprises that all heroes of this digest (behind a small exception) are constructed on the basis of dual-core processors. Today (not cheap, but modern, but inexpensive) the smartphone in Russia applies for a rank of the most budgetary of Highscreen Omega Q .

At the price of 8 990 rubles it is equipped with the Qualcomm processor with four kernels, the display on 4,5 inches, a totality of communication modules (Wi - Fi, Bluetooth + EDR), GPS and two slots for this - cards (one of them can work in 3G networks). A display resolution, however, not the highest - 540 on 960, but also small it you will not call. Something needs to be offered for the sake of price availability.

Competitors with the similar price it is technically worse. Similar in characteristics - is more expensive. Existence 4 - x kernels - it is very good. Therefore ranks “very best“ in this category Highscreen Omega Q, I think, it is worthy.

And here the heading “the most expensive“ the decision not to do was made. Why once again to be upset? Especially as the main component of “smarts for one million“ are strazik, diamonds and hand - made of a name of some famous designer).

I hope, everyone opened for itself(himself) something new and once again was surprised to a variety of models of smartphones.