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The mobile phone - the friend or the enemy in the modern world?

Earlier it was luxury goods. The guy should have put in the bar this subject on a little table as girls priosanivatsya and shot at its party eyes. As, it is higher than mere mortals, at it - the MOBILE PHONE!

Ya was two years “a girl of SV - COM“ - sale of mobile phones and services Kiyevstar. My voice in a tube was the business card of shop, I was recognized in the city by our few buyers, in Aval bank I was waited till ten in the evening, and when the elevator opened and I entered the hall (the last in a day), the cashier Masha exclaimed: “There now and our SV - LUMP!“ I had no

But the phone half a year more. Then I bought it, with very good discount. Small Siemens. In opaque dark-the blue case. Of course, Kiyevstar...

When left the first husband, phone remained to it. And again I remained is inaccessible to calls to time of walks by Lviv. The second husband decided what would be quite good to be learned where and with whom I spend the carefree jobless days. Especially as on work it is wound on the city and to drink with me coffee or it would be very lovely to divide a lunch in cozy Lviv cafe. The husband had an enormous passion to Nokia cell phones. And it prisadit me on it... I will not have others any more. Amazing fidelity to brand against incorrectness to men... And it was UMC...

Tiny white phone with pink and lilac buttons still was a rarity and a factor of the status. I looked the inhabitant of heaven when we with the husband sat in cafe and were similar to lovers: stunningly handsome well-groomed man in a suit, with very successful for that time (and the road) Nokia model, often keep ringing to it and he tells very clever things in a tube, about sales and motivation, about shipments and his just anger... And the girl, with the skin which sunbathed in a sunbed, just put the phone on a table and argues on registration of an interior at new French restaurant for which the firm of her acquaintances does ideas. An advertizing turn in the magazine.

Phones then there was a sea... - it is less works. The husband left only recently. Remained darling. There was a favourite work which won against love to the husband. There was Nokiye`s fidelity and to that phone number which was presented with the first mobile phone. Recently bought new... bronze 6500...

But now my phone not a toy, not ornament, not a subject of envy and not factor of the status. He is my enemy!

It replaced an alarm clock and its call tells me in the morning that it is already time, the pipe calls and at work waits for a blockage. It has several voices: for work - something like a subject from “A pink panther“, for mother - gentle modulations (before there was a fate - N - a beater, but I noticed that I began to hate fate - N - a beater, and music, generally, good). He eats money more, than my cat... It is difficult to look for it in a bag. I very often dream to leave it at home!

And when I go to holiday, I dream to switch off it, but strict chiefs (as my husband 7 years ago) speak: “You have to be always in touch!“

It is almost my souteneur, from - for it I take up ““ with a huge number of people in a day. And the majority of them are unpleasant to me. I, of course, go to a bathtub without it, but when I come back, it reproachfully blinks on me 6 - 10 not answered calls and 2 - 3 angry messages: “Where are you?“ “Call me immediately!“ And you whisper in this light small display: “Go all in... at!. “ And it, pretty, you ask: “Well you also could not tell them that I in a bathtub?“

But worst of all when it breaks. You suddenly understand that you do not remember even number of mother (and your guy too). That all your memory, work, relatives are closed in this plastic cover and it is necessary to run somewhere to release, pick out... And all this time you as if are lost.

And when it works again and you attack calls again, you just begin to hate it.

It - part me, very intimate part... But he is an enemy mine.