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How to the person to raise a self-assessment?

More than a half of adults suffer from the underestimated self-assessment. It blocks their creative self-realization, disturbs in career, in private life, is the reason of stresses and psychological complexes.

How the person of estimates, influences all his acts. At many people the self-assessment is unfairly underestimated. This problem begins to ripen since the early childhood. At this age of ability of the person are insufficiently developed, quite often the child is brought up in the atmosphere of a negative.

And to some parents it is simpler to manipulate and control children, spreading them a certain complex of fault. And in an adult state people begin to copy subconsciously those installations and behavior models which were loaded in the childhood.

But to raise the self-assessment to the adult - a task, quite feasible for it. And it can be made as by means of the psychologist - the professional, and independently, working on itself, being guided by a number of installations and conforming to not too difficult rules for performance.

Find a little time for daily supervision over the behavior, try to follow always these recommendations in everyday life. And very soon you will see how your life and your attitude towards itself changes for the better.

The first . Never compare yourself to other people. Always there will be someone in something better, someone is worse, than you. In such cases of people becomes either vain, or envious. These are those defects which can make any person unfortunate. Being engaged in comparisons, you do of many neutrally or the people of the opponents who are positive to you, winding on yourself one negative.

The second . Stop to abuse and condemn yourself. You speak about yourself only in a positive key. Do not give to someone else`s negative statements concerning your abilities of great value. They do not cost also a third of your attention. Make the list of ten personal qualities which in themselves are pleasant to you, include ten indisputable vital achievements there (since school age) and check it daily. It will be good if someone from relatives and the people respected by you reads your achievements and the best qualities on a dictophone that you could listen to this “invigorating“ record regularly.

The third . Adequately and without excess modesty accept compliments in the address. You thank and do not look for a dirty trick. Try to communicate with positive people and “be not soiled“ about a human negative. Your environment - part you. Some consciously try to humiliate people around, but these are already their problems which should not become yours.

The fourth . Much are helped by the affirmation which are laconically made positively statements about to themselves which cause positive emotions and raise a self-assessment. For example: “I am worthy pleasure and happiness“, “I am a light and attractive person“. It is possible to attach them on a mirror, to put on a desktop that during the day they often caught sight.

The fifth . You are not lazy to get acquainted with books, magazines where there are materials devoted to increase of a self-assessment. You will understand that not only you have a similar problem. Such useful information, let and in the mediated form, will positively affect your views.

The sixth . Try to give to people around more. Kind acts, words, encouragement. People are often ungrateful, but you as the person with a high self-assessment will manage to look at an ingratitude indulgently and generous.

The seventh . Be engaged in what really is pleasant to you. Work which you despise and you hate is pernicious for your self-assessment. Whenever possible try to replace it and to find such sphere of the professional realization which gives feeling of your value for people around. And in general, it is necessary to separate (not to run away, namely to separate) from people who are alien and unpleasant to you which bear in themselves aggression and a negative. You carry out the life exactly as you would like to carry out it. Independently made decisions, let and not always true, considerably raise a self-assessment of the person.

The eighth . Remember that you are a unique personality with considerable opportunities and potential. Be able to risk reasonably, struggle with unreasonable fear. If constantly to postpone decisions, then it leads to doubts concerning the opportunities. It is known what under a lying stone is even found does not flow.

If you decide to assume risk and responsibility for the destiny, will cease to be afraid of refusals and defeats, will not begin to pay attention that others will think of you, - your self-assessment will raise in the eyes.

You learn to build the qualitative and productive relations with other people, to derive pleasure from communication and cooperation. The worthy self-assessment is always accompanied by peace of mind, ability to love and be darling, pleasure of every day of past life.