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“The client is always right“? Complete nonsense!

you agree with the phrase “The client is always right“? And I here do not agree. In most cases the client cannot be just right. I will tell more - often the consent with opinion of the client can lead to unpleasant consequences. Both for the seller, and for the client.

If sellers follow the tastes of the client, then results for the client will be worse . Instead they have to act as experts who help to the client to make the right decision.

Give on examples we will look why the client cannot be right.

Retail of clothes

Came the client. It in the head holds something, a certain image of or desirable goods. And he looks for it. If does not find - will leave. And this “frame“ in the head eliminates all other that, maybe, and will suit it, and even very much will approach, but he just will not notice it.

If the seller offers only what is looked for by the client - for certain will not receive sale. And the client - will not receive that he will suit him better. Or just will not estimate other options because just will not see them.

The correct selling assistant will find out the purposes and needs of the client and will offer suitable options. Of course, for this purpose the seller has to be a professional. But we will not touch questions of training of sellers now - an infinite separate subject.

Pluses for the buyer :

- learns about other options;
- will remove “framework“ in the head;
- can receive results better, than planned.

Minuses for the buyer :

- for certain will not buy what planned;
- for certain will spend money more, than planned.

Car sale

Came the person for car. In advance looked at everything and chose a complete set. But the competent consultant will offer also other options. Perhaps, the client did not consider that this complete set will not solve his problem, will not conform to his requirements. And as a result the client already takes other complete set, or perhaps even other car.

Pluses and same minuses.

Grocery store

Well, here it seems everything is clear - came, asked something, you were given also all. But if to look more attentively - all at all not so. More precisely, so happens only in bad shops.

In the correct big shops at the expense of the correct calculation and planning of the hall offer the buyer different goods about which he just could forget.

Bought beer - here to you a rack with snack nearby.

Bought fruit - and here nearby a rack with goods at the special price.

And except large supermarkets, there are also small little shops.

At me is here through Road “Intersection“, and in 5 minutes from the house - little shop which we call “Soviet“.

Such impression that he lives out of time. It kept many signs of the Soviet shops:

- works from 10 to 19 o`clock;
- a lunch from 14 to 15 o`clock;
- Sunday - day off;
- sellers behind a counter.

But there people constantly go. And I understand them. Because in such little shops often “house“ atmosphere. With us greet, smile sincerely there. But that is more important for our subject - there it is always possible to consult what to buy. What is more tasty that they will recommend...

Means, and here the client is not right. And the consultant - the seller is right.

With retail trade everything is clear. Perhaps in services all differently? Let`s look.

Apartment renovation

It seems here already everything is under construction only on opinion of the client. But if to dig more deeply - the same.

The client tells what he wants. The professional performer will not just make ordered - he also will offer options. Both in respect of the used materials, and in respect of the order. Besides - as a result the client will benefit more. (I understand that it is not enough such professional performers. But not about it now the speech.)

Well. Dealt with private clients.

But can in B2B everything is perfect on the contrary? Creation of the websites

the Client wants

the website. But he badly knows a subject and does not know all existing opportunities which will increase its sales via the website. Means, the competent manager has to offer all this to the client and explain benefits of these opportunities.

Or the client asks darkly - blue design, and the manager has to explain that such color is not suitable for his subject because it causes not those emotions which are required in visitors.

Again the client is not right.

Accounting services

the Director sets tasks, but the good accountant will carry out them not just. He will also make recommendations - as it is better to arrive in this or that situation. Transport transportations

the Client orders

“Gazelle“. But in conversation it becomes clear that it is necessary to transport more freight, than will get into “Gazelle“, and it is necessary to use “Bull-calf“.

Or the client wanted to make two flights on “Gazelle“, but “Bull-calf“ will take away everything for one flight, and it for the client will be cheaper.

So and in the same B2B.

General conclusion: the client cannot be right. Just because he knows on this subject much less, than the professional seller.

And the competent seller has to find the best solution for the buyer and propose to it such solution.

As a result they do life of buyers better, is more better. Means, perform the work correctly and ethically.