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How to improve memory? Simple rules

In general, statistically the ordinary person uses about 10% of the general reserve of the memory. And the remained 90% vanish from - for the fact that the person simply - naprosto violates rules of storing. Today you learn how it is possible to correct this irrational relation to the memory.

So, natural rules of storing only three. And any different techniques and systems are based on them. It is impression , association and repetition .

One of the first conditions for storing is receiving bright and strong impression about what you want to remember. For this purpose it is necessary just to concentrate. And one of secrets of force of memory sounds so: “ Ya I concentrate on that action which took in real“ the moment . In other words:

I concentrate only on that name which I hear at the moment.
I concentrate only on that book which I read at the moment.
I concentrate only on that subject which I see at the moment. whether

at you it that after acquaintance to one, two new people in 5-10 minutes you forget their names Happened? Happened? At me too. Present that you have a cool, professional camera of the latest model. And you photograph at distance 10 meters of the friend in fog . You have an excellent camera, there are no questions, and here the photo turned out any. Also and our consciousness cannot keep dim and foggy impressions.

needs to catch correctly a name and a surname of the new acquaintance.
If a surname difficult and unusual - ask to repeat it.
Specify how it is written. your new acquaintance will be pleasantly surprised with

from such attention. And you will manage to remember his name and a surname because you concentrated on it attention. And as result - you receive the memorable impression .

The second condition for storing is the association . Here too it is possible to give an example from area of new acquaintances. A name of the new person - Victor. And I remember at once who I have from familiar with the same name. Is, Vitya, the cousin. Means, I repeat about myself, my new acquaintance is called the same as the cousin, that is, Vitya. It is also association.

The trained memory always leans on system of associations. And quality of such memory depends on two features of these associations: in - the first, from durability of associations, and in - the second, from their quantity. In other words, from two people obtaining identical information the one who considers the received data more and establishes between them closer interrelations will better remember.

For certain each of us faced in life such phrase - “Each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits“. It is also association. The first letter of each word reminds us of a consecutive arrangement of flowers of a rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, violet.

The third condition for good storing is repetition . Proceeding from this rule it is possible to remember rather large amount of material if often to repeat it. The thicket can use the new word in conversation or to call more often than the new acquaintance by name. It is possible to mention in conversation those moments about which you plan to speak at a seminar or on the next presentation. Thus these data remain in memory.

Just before a business meeting or a public statement it is necessary to check the plan of further actions, “to scroll“ it mentally in the head. So memory will be refreshed, and you with confidence share the information with people around.