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The Internet and as to fight against it. And whether it is necessary...?

When you will read this article, please, it is not necessary to gather with the adherents and, having caught for me round the corner with mount or shock the tool to tell others that you think of me. Or to abandon me tomatoes, at the same time to shout in all throat: YES YOU DO NOT GET OUT FROM THERE!!!!! . They do not wash off...

* * *
As was told once by Zhvanetsky: The Internet sharply separated one generation from another . And it so. Many adults consider the Internet as a garbage can, and find a huge dump where people look for something a dustbin and a nursery of all of that harmful that can create them, and not without that, the perverted imagination. In total? Laughed? And so, it is the truth. Stop! Tomatoes missed and we listen further, my young reader. Now, on the Internet there is everything. And in it all trouble. About gossips and rumors I even do not stammer. Here present to
: the average teenager, years so 12 - 15 sits down, opens the Internet and reads all this enchanting marasmus that Kirkorov - pregnant, Putin - the crab, and Lenin was a transvestite. And it is that age when understanding of world around is formed. It is terrible to present whom this teenager will grow up, reading all this...
However is in our wood mushrooms not only hallucinogenic and toadstools, and and quite edible. The positive side of this web is, besides, that in it there is everything. And it in total it became many times more available. It is rather simple to sit down, the easy movement of a forefinger of the right hand to press the left key of a mouse as all your desires are sent by mail. The Internet even has inhabitants. Those which in literal sense, are there on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. They simply there live, with small pauses on the refrigerator and call of the nature. Ah yes, still they sometimes sleep. But it is a rarity. These copies ordinary people try to lead the same life, as well as: communicate, share opinions, study, work, earn, look for meaning of life and even marry. For many, the Internet became a haven for them creativity . You think the talent is necessary to become famous? Or to make grandiose discovery? Or to invent cancer medicine? Or anew to invent the bicycle? Pfff... Video camera, magic wire or modem, and also plentiful imagination and lack of an instinct of self-preservation. And sometimes, you and should do nothing. Your friends with pleasure will help. I call it regime of the autopilot .
Yes, is unconditional, the Internet fine facilitated to us life. Tons of information necessary to you posypitsya on you by a digital avalanche by only one pressing of the same left key of a mouse, the same forefinger, the same hand. Therefore, the person grew lazy. And, it is still softly told. Now it is not necessary to stand in queues of shops, movie theaters, etc. And in same all salt. Those inexpressible feelings when you staid a floor - day in turn in shop for the cartridge, a plate, a disk of a favorite band or for the ticket at movie theater of the movie at which you dreamed to look all year, during a heat, in cold, swore with a lot of people on subjects: To me that guy borrowed! or I here with 6 - and mornings, have conscience! well, and of course, classics of a genre - It is simple to me to ask... not to compare to anything. And here, having passed all these circles of hell, you earn the long-awaited reward for everything endured. And now, when you hold in hand that cartridge, a disk... not important, it becomes for you something big. It is your trophy, your Olympic gold, your cup of the Champions League.
Well, and I would like to finish... Though... No! It would be silly. The century of XXI was marked a century of high technologies. And it only - only begins the way. The future behind the Internet and it is the fact. Therefore to draw conclusions for the present rather early. Everything only begins...