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Panic attacks. What it is necessary to know about them?

what is tested by the person during panic attack does not give in to the concrete description and is characterized by it as something awful, strange and uncontrollable.

Quite often the attack is followed by deterioration in health. Therefore the knowledge of the main symptoms and ways of “first aid“ will help to avoid adverse effects.

But give about everything one after another.

What is panic attack?

Panic attack is the attack of symptoms of painful alarm caused by unreasonable fear or a presentiment. The person feels inexplicable threat to which not in forces to resist. How it occurs?

For descriptive reasons we will present a situation: the person with group of unfamiliar tourists goes to travel. On arrival in the airport he finds in himself panic fear of air flights, and is absolutely unexpected. Perhaps, he knew about him, but decided to try …

At the person heartbeat becomes frequent, short wind and sharp weakness in all body develops. Thoughts of the approaching danger cover it from within, and all events seem unreal.

From outside it makes impression of the real odd fellow. Fearful glance, speech steep, behavior, to put it mildly, strange.

The person tries to explain the problem to people around, but faces bewildered and misunderstanding. The majority takes it for the madman, and the others just ignore.

Finally panic attack disappears also quickly, as well as began. The person calms down and gets into the plane, trying to catch on himself amazed looks.

But it is the light version. Duration of an attack can reach several hours, provoking a physical indisposition: a fever, a perspiration, darkening in eyes, temperature increase, belly-aches, nausea etc.

Panic attack - the hidden emotions

Panic attack can be a consequence of the not expressed emotions which had huge value for the person. Therefore it is extremely important not to quash in himself strong feelings.

Such attack sometimes arises spontaneously “out of the blue“ without the reasons, special on that. As a rule, the feeling of inexplicable and unreal panic acts as the main complaint. At the same time the person does not feel concrete fear.

“The first self-help“ at emergence of an attack can reduce considerably attack and accelerate its completion.

What to do at panic attack?

So, you had an attack of panic attack. You in confusion. Your actions:

1. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish at himself existence of panic attack. It is necessary to recognize that sharp change of mood and attitude is caused by it.

2. Having found the secluded town where least of all people, it is necessary to sit down and close eyes. If there is no opportunity to set or “to be dissolved in crowd“, it is possible to carry out exercise in any place and situation. Eventually, anybody has to you business. The main thing - close eyes.

Pull in a stomach and hold the breath till 10 seconds, and then slowly exhale, feeling as the stomach “sticks“ to a back. The attention - a stomach on a breath needs to be strained as much as possible, but not to blue in the face. Repeat a breathing exercise several times, the effect has to come within half an hour.

3. Pronounce about yourself or in a whisper: “Nothing threatens me, everything will be good“. Auto-suggestion perfectly works in such situation.

4. Do not stand on one place, move. Easy physical warm-up will weaken action of an attack.

To get rid of panic attacks forever, it is necessary to work with the reason of their emergence. It can be fears, psychological injuries, the quashed feelings etc. The psychotherapist will help to understand a problem and to find its right decision.