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How to expose the spy? Spy too not iron...

the officer, the Hero of the Soviet Union possessing the admission allowing to approach Stalin`s residences near Moscow was an Agent of the German intelligence in the USSR. When he was detained, at him it was found hidden in a sleeve to “pantserknakka“ - the compact grenade launcher charged with an armor-piercing shell.

it could be used, having waited for driving of the leader through the protected road leading to giving. Generally, the saboteur therefore was detained that he lounged about suspiciously close to this road. Did not believe also in a story about breakage of the motorcycle.

Yulian Semyonov created the compelling spy novels on the basis of documentary evidences. Therefore the receptions of agents and residents described by it look very authentically. In its book “TASS is authorized to declare“ and the movie on it we see detailed history of introduction of the resident, creation of a legend, change of appearance, production of counterfeit documents, all forgeries and substitutions. Several people who became the victims of the dangerous spy suspected nothing till the last moment when in their blood it was already full of poison which it accurately and slowly enclosed them.

What to tell about the pioneer Seryozhe from “Destiny of the drummer“ Gaidar who began to see clearly, having only learned about attempt at life of the father his friend Slavki right after they with his comely “uncle“ sent the vile old man Yakov by the same steamship which Slavka with the father … sailed to

perfectly trained spy “agent Goll“ - the son of the Grodno watchmaker whose family moved on the West after war appears In Vladislav and Sergey Krapivinykh`s adventure story “Six years later“ which is continuation of “Scarlet feathers of arrows“. He knew the Soviet realities perfectly, besides, on the parachute landed on already paved way - it was supplied with all data on a situation on the district. The necessary information was collected by the local priest - Vatican, having representatives in the socialist countries and the USSR, actively cooperated with the western intelligence agencies.

The priest`s helpers - the resident were the former fist from these places operating under the guise of the deaf-and-dumb fisherman, and his daughter is a teacher. About their communication, by the way, nobody suspected. The spy - the saboteur was straight home to the local artist - the person drinking and in general irresponsible, hired at him clothes and documents and moved to the large collective farm which just invited this artist to do registration by a holiday. On the way to the next hairdressing salon changed itself appearance.

He from - for the fact that he imitated a manner of the speech of the artist based on popular Odessa jokes made a mistake. Besides vigilance of local pioneers played a role. For communication the spy used the portable disposable transmitters disguised under eggs with the Soviet brands, antennas had an appearance of a fishing scaffold on coils of the Soviet production. After use they samounichtozhatsya.

In general, the western investigation preferred not to use emigrants whose ideas of life in the USSR were far from reality, and to hire agents from so-called “moved“ - those whom brought to Europe war wind, or runaway Banderovites and other “forest brothers“. Such agents were especially dangerous, perfectly owned any weapon, were cruel and ruthless.

But also our investigation did not lag behind.

Still when nobody represented that revolution of Bolsheviks in Russia will be crowned with success and the first state headed by communists in Mexico a married couple of immigrants will be created - Jews opened a drugstore. Actually this drugstore became the underground center of Komintern in Mexico located rather close to border of the North American United States.

This story was told to me by the academician V. A. Belokon. The resident center performed a set of tasks from Moscow, up to receiving secrets of the American nuclear bomb. The format of article does not allow to accomodate all details, it is only worth noting that Trotsky in Mexico was already waited. To it the agent - kominternovets who for police was the simple Mexican smashed the head an ice axe, and as a result business was written off for usual domestic squabbles. The Mexican stayed in prison usual term for murder on a booze, and after an exit from it received the secret order on rewarding with its Soviet awards. Of course, his neighbors so never also learned about it, but in the necessary circles it gave it authority. And then he proved as one of outstanding agents.

Again remembering Semyonov`s works, we will mark out the German officer Willie Lehman enlisted by communists during a short era of the Weimar republic (the USSR expected its crash) and the legendary Stierlitz who became to one of prototypes. This officer, being on the post in CC, regularly transferred messages on all actions for preparation for war to Moscow. He ceased to contact in the winter of 1942, being, obviously, is liquidated. As it occurred and that became the failure reason - is unknown still.

The faultless legend was ensured by Richard Sorge (him the administration which in too open form sent the dispatch for the reconnaissance center in Shanghai brought), Rudolf Abele. Failures of our residency in America and England began only when the officers of FBI and CIA bought by us began to show off too openly on money of our investigation - so, James Ames enlisted by the Soviet investigation the officer of the English supersecret service of MI6 suddenly unexpectedly bought brand new Jaguar what its official salary obviously did not allow.

Generally, spies are filled up more often on own mistakes, and it is often possible to avoid trouble if simple citizens, including children, at the right time show slightly more vigilance. So, at the beginning of war pioneers - timurites detained the dangerous spy who under the guise of the blind person traded in pencils on the Khreshchatyk in Kiev.