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It`s in the bag, or How to get rid of complexes?

One fine day interesting article caught sight to me. It was that all our life we are afraid of something and the biggest of these fears - fear of the fact that people around will think of us.

He prevents us to live freely, to live as we want, from - for him all of us something postpone time, we do not decide, so never we wait for tomorrow in which we will be more courageous, but this day and does not come …

was written In the same place that from these complexes it is possible and it is necessary to get rid, and special exercises were offered as to make it. And here I decided to execute one of them on the same day.

Exercise was that it was necessary to go outside in an unimaginable look that is that, looking at you, people precisely would think that you the idiot or especially dangerous loony. It was necessary to choose any thing or a subject absolutely not applicable to put on itself, and with absolutely serious, even tragic look to walk down the street. It was offered to put on the cardboard crown made own hands and which is stuck around by plasticine.

Was already late enough, eight o`clock in the evening and to create a cardboard masterpiece there was no time. I decided to replace its absolutely idiotic look with a hat. It was beach, with big fields and a huge bow, and, above all - I put on it in the evening as though to me burns the sun in the head. But as I am a person especially modest and diffident, I decided to take even more drastic measures on fight against the natural shyness and put on big warm slippers, with muzzles of doggies in front.

This day I had to meet my boyfriend. When I left to it the house, the hysterical laughter was its first reaction. Then he ordered to take off immediately to me a hat because it will be a shame to it to go with me. I, on the contrary, took the plunge to the yard where all neighbors sitting on a bench about my entrance already laughed loudly. The guy in horror receded back and ran away into an entrance. From there he tried to cry out to me that I have to take off a hat and slippers, only then he will leave and will go for a walk with me.

Having understood that bad job, I left its “entrenchments“ and one went to the city.

At first the people looked at me suspiciously, some in general were afraid to look as though if they make it, then will become same abnormal, as well as I. Then, when I approached closer the center where was to more people, people began to turn the head in my party one by one. I hardly constrained laughter and bent on a face a business sour mine, approximately same what is done by the madman, imagining that he is Napoleon.

Further - it is even more, to me already signaled cars. And when I, having returned, came into the elevator of my entrance and went in it with the neigbour, she long made an effort and suffered, poor, expecting a svoyegoetazh and hardly constraining laughter.

Now immemorial women`s issues “What to put on?“ and “As I will look?“ I began to be concerned much less.

Here thus my experiment ended, but I do not intend to stop on it, I will try also other types of cretinism - and it is obligatory for you I will tell about them!