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Baikal: Red sand

Coast of Baikal same, as well as Father: different, unexpected, unpredictable. All color gamut, reliefs, landscapes - also changes as mood of the strong, but whimsical grandfather. That still character.

B only one town of Baikalsk can see the coast stony, laid out by boulders and stones in the form of hearts, it is possible to sit on a grassy hummock, and it is possible to aim and reach Red sand. Locals have a beach here: sand whether you know. And sand difficult. The farther, the more interestingly: small specks, strips at dunes, and is farther stains - persistent cold red. And all nothing if slightly confidants to secrets did not tell guests otstranyonno: it is pomegranate. Yes, that mineral which is so loved by astrologers and jewelers, and at the same time tsars and writers. Having received such strange news, guests are puzzled and begin to think:

1. How to grow rich.
2. How to find a big stone.
3. And we smile.

In the house of my mother there is a big glass of garnet sand. Sometimes, that this sand was collected very laboriously, separating the slightest grains of sand of other tone and without glass gloss. Yes that how many knickknacks were made hands of the author who rolled everything that badly lay in the house in beautiful precious grains of sand! From ideas of friends and companions - facing of bathrooms, magic pills and body scrubs

A garnet sand and remain Red sand. Cold red, fervent glass gloss. A multimillion geological fault in which there is everything - both oil, and gas, and gold, and jewelry. Riches at which the gray wave looks with the most ancient indifference. Gray bator - young mountains - too. The gray sky - quiet and happy with the events - laughs at the puzzled terrestrial guests.

... I with the camera. My barefoot friends leaving marks on garnet sand. What the most important in the represented landscape? Probably, all - what you want to see and receive right now: the tiny grain of sand the grenade which only you will be able to use to destination.