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How to expose the spy? Look narrowly at acquaintances more attentively!

I chose as the Hero of the next story about the enemies teeming around us the spy who wormed way into our immediate environment (neighbors in the house, colleagues at work, chiefs, janitors and though the native uncle).

Only two - three generations to us were perfect a commonplace in one fine morning to learn that the person whom we met every day and who was known from the best party is arrested as the dangerous spy and the enemy of the people.

How so? All this time, greeting us, lovely smiling and joking, treating us with candies, at the same time secretly he was engaged in terrible affairs, prepared inconceivable crimes - explosion of munitions factory or murder of the national commissioner?! Of course, similar rumors corresponded to the agony of hysteria which was piled on then in masses, but sometimes - and is rather frequent - had under themselves the soil.

Conversation of school students from the book “Scarlet feathers of arrows“ is interesting. Sitting at additional tasks on which they were left after lessons by the teacher - the German, they for offense washed up it bones. One of boys spoke that, perhaps, she is an enemy spy. On shy objection of the companion that their old kind Adele Frantsevna is not similar to the spy at all, he angrily told: “You are a fool! If spies were similar to spies - at once all would catch them!“

Of course, in the television movie “We Carry with Ourselves a Cat“ when arrested the kindest nurse in tubercular hospital which was loved by all children, and passed hearing that she is allegedly a spy, - it surprised nobody! Here we can draw the first conclusion - the spy in appearance is not similar to the villain at all, it seems kind, nice, generally - white, fluffy and absolutely harmless.

Various states quite often transferred agents of the investigations to our country, and also introduced residents in those circles where they were extremely difficult to be found, and they at the same time had an opportunity to collect information and to transfer her coherent. The resident had a reliable legend, absolutely blank passport. As a rule, at the place of residence and works knew it not one decade and as exclusively pleasant person. He was perfectly informed on affairs of all the acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors that for it was useful.

Zoya Aleksandrovna Voskresenskaya who had a wide experience of work in investigation on pages of the novel “The Girl in the Rough Sea“ told us history of “grandfather Peter“ - the skillful watchmaker, all life who lived in the seaside Scottish town. He was a favourite of all residents of the town, it was known by all seamen to whom it it is inexpensive, but greatly repaired hours. Also he often sheltered the gone on a spree sailors and lent to him money on credit, not especially persistently reminding of return. For many years it collected all information on passes through obstacles to voyenno - sea base in Skap - Flou and somehow in broad daylight directed on the seashore where it was already waited by the German submarine. Finally he managed to destroy the unique collection of hours - nothing already kept him in a small town any more. Then the submarine approached directly base and with ease destroyed it.

You represent how it is easy to miss the dangerous enemy directly at himself near by?

In the fantastic story of Arkady Adamov “Secret of two oceans“ the wrecker - the saboteur appeared directly in crew of the latest confidential Soviet submarine. And he held the technician`s position there - the radio operator that facilitated his task. In spite of the fact that it allowed several jambs (for example, lit the espionage stock at the next underwater sortie), suspected it too late, and found out when in general already nothing could be made. It managed to blow up the submarine engine, and it did not die only because had a large supply of durability. And its repair under water was a big feat of crew. Also the spy managed to return and kill one of crew members (he opened his space suit under water and that was literally cut by the water stream which rushed inside under big pressure).

In the movie shot on this work, popular among the Soviet children, added details of underwater battles, and also explained how the enemy created to himself a legend - it killed the brother, the real officer of crew of the submarine, and then exchanged with it clothes and gave itself(himself) for it. For murder he distracted its attention - invited in circus where he worked as the trapeze artist, and asked to examine a trapeze design regarding a possibility of its completion. The fact that the spy was a skilled circus actor did it even more dangerous - he could show dizzy dexterity, for example, in case of escape.

From other literary examples it is worth calling the unsurpassed master of masking Jim Bolivar Di Griz famous as the Steel Rat. Of course, he on full used achievements of the far future in which he turned the frauds, but its many receptions with success are realized in practice and our contemporaries. We can learn by its experience that it is not obligatory to transform the look beyond full recognition - enough only to change the bright, evident details. It will already help to distract attention of protection for a moment, to win seconds, and even minutes that for the good spy and the saboteur is sufficient decisive factor.

The spy often uses a suit with laid on imitation of a full constitution characteristic of elderly people, a laid on bald head or a mask. He can remove this masking in one second.

The famous adventurer Jane Four Squares stole the well-known picture of the artist Romney, having pretended to be the schoolgirl. She deceived vigilance of security guards of the gallery which was in a mansion of the London banker, having passed herself the old man in bulky clothes forward. Leaving the hall, he purposely stumbled, dropped a cane, and so far security guards supported him under hands, the adventurer cut out a picture, pinned it to a curtain then quickly lifted a curtain. Came to nobody to mind to lower a curtain. The banker had to transfer upon the demand of the desperate little girl money into the account of one of shelters then she just sent it the letter containing the only line: “Lower a curtain, the blockhead! “

is frequent at the spy there is a workmate who purposely causes suspicion very clearly and behavior, but nothing certain is undertaken. Its only task - to distract on itself attention and to direct prosecution on a false way, so far his senior companion turns the dark business. Negative characters of works of Akunin quite often use it, and this tactics of any bad persons was really widespread at a turn of before last and last centuries - malicious persons of that time preferred to work quietly and in a shadow.

However, to the middle of last century they did not hesitate to commit diversions and murders in crowded places in broad daylight any more. So, at the beginning of 30 - x years a certain Shtaygel - a prototype of the baron Maygel from “Mastera and Margarita“ was an informer of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs across Moscow. He was engaged in collection of information in diplomatic circles, often appeared on receptions in embassies and had a set of acquaintances among foreigners.

At some moment it was lit and became dangerous to work of our investigation. He was decided to be moved away. Other agent directly on the next reception made it. It killed Shtaygel from distance in several steps, having used one of the first samples of the silent weapon. Witnesses understood not at once what occurred. Also practice of application of the shooting canes, umbrellas, pens - began up to a plot of the movie “Prick Umbrella“.

Be continued.