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How removed “Old man Hottabycha“?

I want to Finish the cycle about the well-known fairy tale of Lagin with the story about creation of the well-known movie “Old Man Hottabych“ shot by the director Gennady Kazansky and which came out in 1957. It made deafening success - only for the first half a year it was looked by 5 million viewers. Should tell

that the author of “Hottabycha“ will not be alien to art of the film. In 1960 - e years he will write scripts for several animated films, mainly satirically - a parody genre (“Espionage passions“, “Once upon a time there was Kozyavin“, “A look origin“, etc.) . At the same time the screen version of the fairy tale Lagin remained is extremely dissatisfied.

Natalya Lagina:
“The father was categorically against that on “Hottabychu“ shot film. Did not want movies on the books at all. And inspired in me that kicked downstairs if come from film studios. “I write for readers, but not for the audience!“. He believed, and it is correct how it seems to me that it is impossible to transfer thoughts of the author by means of a screen. What as a result also turned out.
... He was told: do not contact “Lenfilm“, there are not able to work with children. The father participated in selection, but there children were wooden and the alcoholic - the director. The father asked was not to put him in credits... Fortunately, Hottabycha was played by the remarkable actor Nikolay Volkov. And the father waved a hand: Volkov one will extend the movie“.
As you already know

, the audience estimated the movie absolutely differently. I do not know as far as an alcoholic was Kazansky, but the same director possesses such remarkable movies as “The person - an amphibian“, “The snow queen“, “Masha and Vitya`s New Year`s adventures“.

Of course, a lot of things in the screen version “Hottabycha“ had to be reduced. In it there is neither brother Hottabycha, nor Mr. of Vandendalles, nor the citizen Pivoraki, nor a trip to Italy and the Arctic, but it does not do the movie worse at all. If at the end of Hottabych`s book becomes the radio technician, then holds more suitable position in the movie - the circus illusionist. Also performed by Nikolay Volkov the genie left much more kindly, than in the original where he constantly threatened people around.

L. Lagin “Old man Hottabych“:
“- Please, two bottles of lemon water, - Volka told.
the Waitress nodded and went to a rack, but Hottabych angrily called to her:
- And well, approach - closer, the unworthy servant! It is not pleasant to me how you answered an order of my young friend and master.... On knees! Or I will turn you into dust!..... All three immediately on knees also ask my young friend that he pardoned you!
With these words it suddenly began to grow in the sizes, did not reach the ceiling head yet. It was a terrible and surprising show. The cashier and the second waitress fainted for horror, but the first waitress though in turned pale, quietly told Hottabychu: - Are ashamed of
, the citizen! Behave as it is necessary in the public place … And if you decent hypnotist …“.

of Computer graphics was not in those days therefore in the movie there are a lot of combined shootings. The flying carpet suspended in the pavilion was imposed on a background of the flying by landscape subsequently, and clouds were created by means of a smoke. The smoke caused tears of the performer of a role Zhenya when it dumped the bananas presented by Hindus down. But it was so to the place that the director left a scene.
By the way, about bananas. In those far times not all Soviet people had the correct idea of the real bananas. Here and creators of a model of tropical fruits painted them century. unappetizing green color. So correctly Zhenya threw out them...

The football match between the Chisel and Washer teams was one of the most “magic“ scenes of the movie, personally for me, always. Hottabych who first is not understanding why “to twenty two pleasant young people to run, fall and push each other only in order that several moments to drive an ordinary-looking leather ball“, soon becomes the inveterate fan and zakoldovyvat the opponent`s gate.

L. Lagin “Old man Hottabych“:
“- Egorushka, you only do not take in head to laugh, please, over me, - the goalkeeper of “Chisel“ told in a low voice one of substitute players when game for a short time passed in the field of “Washer“, - but I am ready to swear what the bar of my gate accompanies shaybovets …
- took Temperature? - the substitute player asked.
- Whose - bars?“.
the bewitched gate were made by

In the movie sliding, the bar - rubber, and under all this design was the cart on rails. As a result, the bar when it is necessary, was bent and passed a ball, and gate went across the field.

It appeared to get exotic animals even more difficult. If elephants and a caravan of camels could be removed in Odessa where Kornilov` circus just went on tour, then a camel on whom Volka and Hottabych go on the capital it was necessary to go - to buy even to the Stalingrad area.

Probably, much watched the movie still children were perplexed how the performer of a role of Hottabycha could so quickly and in such quantity to swallow an eskimo. Of course, it were not eskimoes, and, disguised under ice cream, glazed cheese curds. However, to eat in a row dozen of curd cakes - too business hard therefore Nikolay Volkov could not look at this type of production without nausea for a long time.

There passed time. Lazar Lagin died on June 16, 1979. The Soviet Union broke up. In the movie “Hottabych“ of 2006 there are no ideological besserebrenik any more, and the genie - the burned and brutal cynic. But there is a wish to hope that adventures of Soviet Hottabycha did not end with the Soviet era. The book - that all the same interesting.