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How “Old man Hottabych“ improved?

the Separate edition “Old Man Hottabych“ left in 1940. Soon war began, and Lazar Lagin did not begin to sit out in the back. It defended Odessa and Sevastopol, and finished the military way in Romania as a part of the Danube flotilla. he used

In fights with fascists not only the weapon, but also the literary talent, composing military songs and venomous satire like the list of the things recommended to the Romanian soldiers at a campaign for Odessa: “Underpants of protective (brown) color. Are necessary at a meeting with the Soviet seamen“ .

Upon termination of war Lagin comes back the correspondent in “Crocodile“, writes satirical “Offensive fairy tales“ and several novels in style of “a social fantasy“. For the fantastic novel “Island of Disappointment“ to it award the Stalin award. By the way, Lagin considered as the best of the works the novel “Blue Person“, how the pupil of an istfak of MSU gets to the past and participates in origin of revolutionary movement.

But any of books of the writer could not surpass by popularity of “Old man Hottabycha“.

And here in 1955 Lagin sits down at new edition of the fairy tale. As a result the volume of “Hottabycha“ grows nearly twice. One scenes were added, others are strongly changed, the third - are moved simply away. In many respects volume grew due to more detailed “advertizing“ of the Soviet power which is carried out by Volka. Therefore since 1999 became the rule to publish “Hottabycha“ in edition of 1938 - a pier, the ideology has less there, so, the fairy tale will be more clear to Post-Soviet children. As on me, it is difficult to make a choice between two versions of the fairy tale: everyone has merits and demerits.

The opinion is widespread that changes and additions were made by the writer under pressure of the authorities. But here Mikhail Lezinsky provides the following words of Lagin: “I wrote a lampoon on books of this sort, and Hottabycha mutilated, threw out several chapters of the book and so edited that the lampoon turned into the magic fairy tale. I to you will inscribe this book published in 1972 because I restored own words and all - thrust in it missing chapters!“ what specifically there is a speech

O, it is unknown. Just let`s take two editions of the fairy tale and we will look as well as where it changed.

So, in edition - 1938 completely are absent a story about the barking boy, stay of heroes in sanatorium of Ordzhonikidze and New Year`s visit of Hottabycha into an orbit to the brother. But in edition - 1955 many ridiculous satirical scenes disappeared. For example, that where visitors of a hairdressing salon scoff at bearded Volka. For it Hottabych turns them into rams who are nearly let under a knife.

Or such passage:
“A five-day week ago Volka nearly became the house owner. And now he became the infinite rich man, a skotovladelets and even the slaveholder at once! There is nothing to tell, not bad heading for a note in “The pioneer truth“: “To uproot pioneers - slaveholders!“, or: “To rich men - slaveholders, slonovladelets and verblyudovladelets not the place in the ranks of pioneers!““

By the way, in edition - 1938 Volka with gratitude agrees to use hints of the genie at examination while in edition - 1955 declares: “We are pioneers - essentially against hints“ . But in the late version a scene of the examination much longer and more ridiculously.

Many changes were made in connection with the changed political situation or on topic of the day. So one of disgusting characters - “the former private trader, and now the assistant to the supply manager of handicraft artel “Red down“ Feoktist Kuzmich Hapugin was replaced with the greedy American capitalist of Vandendalles (how here not to remember the U.S. Secretary of State A. Dulles - the supporter of “cold war“ with the USSR?) .

L. Lagin “Old man Hottabych“:

“- the Lovely boy, you would like to be a banker?
- Here still! - Zhenya became angry and it was removed from Vandendalles. - What I, madman, perhaps? We have, thank God, not America!.
- Ha - ha - ha! - flatteringly Mr. Vandendalles burst out laughing and shook finger at it. - You do me to laugh. You ouchen cheerful shutochnik … I to you for it to a podarye one ouchen a practical American pencil …
- am not necessary to me your pencil, and leave me, please, alone! - Zhenya when the American tried to pat him on a cheek again became angry. - You have children, they want to become bandits, here you them and pat on cheeks how many for you it is necessary … And we do not love bankers and bandits. It is clear?“

“Is not less noteworthy destiny of mister of Vandendalles... Hottabych turned it into a dog.... The richest lords of the largest monopolies constantly send it perfect bones from own table. Once a week he supports it with twenty-minute bark in a broadcast “A capital voice“.

also circumstances of stay of Zhenya Bogorad in India Changed. In edition - 1938 it is enough prevaricated that it got on a tea plantation and “behaved there as the young pioneer should behave in the conditions of cruel operation“ .

But after World War II India is freed from the British dominion, becomes the republic, and between it and the USSR friendly diplomatic relations are established. Therefore in the new edition fairy tales meet Zhenya in India with honor. Indians roll the pioneer on an elephant and shout “Hindi, Russia - pkhay - pkhay!“ (“Russians and Hindus - brothers!“). Zhenya sings him “The anthem of democratic youth“, and one of young Hindus begins to sing “Katyusha“.

But, probably, the most interesting transformation was undergone by a spell of Hottabycha. In edition - 1938 it sounds as the strange word “lekhododilikraskat“. And here it is a high time to remember the Jewish roots of Lazar Iosifovich. The matter is that in the genie`s spell the joker - the writer quoted the first line of the Judaic liturgical anthem of a meeting of sacred Shabbat (Saturday): “Lech of Dodie Likrat calla...“ - “Idi, my Beloved, towards to the bride...“ (and further “... we welcome a face of Saturday“ ).
In the new edition of “Hottabycha“ the writer decided to clean a “Judaic“ spell. Instead of it the genie shouts “strange and very long word“ . In the well-known movie of 1957 in koldovaniye on the hairs which are pulled out from a beard peep just is distributed.

And the Bang - tibidokh“ , “The announcement invented by the performer of a role of the genie Nikolay Litvinov and been a source of a set of obscene jokes it seems in the newspaper appears only in a radio performance of 1958 of well-known “: “I bang, I tibidokhat. Old man Hottabych“. By the way, in a radio performance the spell sounds much more long: “A bang - tibidokh, ta - tibidokh, ooh - tibidokh, trokh - tibidokh, tibidokh - tibidokh - tibidokh!“ . the composer Mr. Gladkov and the poet Yu. Entin wrote to
In 1979 the new musical performance “Old Man Hottabych“ where such famous actors as Boyarsky, Gurchenko, Muravyyova, etc. sang. There, by the way, again is Hapugin, and the friend Volki - Zhenya - turns into the girlfriend Zhenya. That to a spell, now it sounds more decently: “Withered - tubs, Shari - cook“ . As they say, oh, times, oh, customs!

Some more jokes about Hottabyche:

the Old man Hottabych Caught a goldfish and the small fish understood that it is the end...

The old man Hottabych with a hangover wakes up in the morning, the head cracks... It is necessary to freshen the nip. To Hvat for a chin - there a goal. It to Volka:
- Venerable Volka whether you where my beard got to will tell?
- I spoke to you: let`s order a box at once. And you - “on fifty, on fifty...“

- Why at Alladin the genie appeared from a lamp, and our Hottabych from a bottle?
- And you on its place what chose vodka or kerosene?

Due to the last joke right there remember the comic song of Vladimir Vysotsky where the genie is found in a bottle of the Soviet drunk.

“... If I have time at least an hour -
Ya of janitors would call with brooms, and here
was Remembered by the children`s detective - “Old man Hottabycha“ -
I asked: “Ibn`s companion, what is your name?“

... And after - miracles to me in view of that: the palace I want
Ya to heaven - you on that and a demon!.“
A it to me: “We are not trained in such affairs at all,
I except mordobitiyev - any miracles!“

On it so far all. In following time we will talk about Hottabyche and cinema.