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Russian pensioners. What with them will be in Russia. How to survive. You Watch

at the events, in Russia which are taking place and involuntarily you represent yourself on pension. In the future. If I live, of course. What waits for me, the average person approaching pension line. The ordinary hard worker who worked all life at plant which allocated the apartment one-room in due time. No, not in Moscow - Moscow to trouble, and in the normal Russian town. The most ordinary regional center. Such as I, future pensioners of 70% of all population, 10 percent of oligarchs and 20 percent frankly poor, will directly speak.

What waits for me on pension.
the Sum of 10000 rubles or 300 dollars will be listed to me from the state by officials of PFRF, there will be surcharges in 10 - 50 rubles a month, for long service, still any additives. And all. How to live. What to do. To work further and if health any more not that, the security guard to settle - protection is necessary. And at such work nepotism prospers. The janitor it is impossible - migrants there places took away everything. To stay at home and cut out from a tree of a figure and then at EBAY auction to sell is for the advanced pensioners whom unit and about whom articles in newspapers shout - “Here is how on pension Russians live and do not cry“. Incorrectly.

Pensioners cry, all cry. Only crying of it is not visible to
and it is not heard. It is hidden in a breast. Proud and poor squeeze the heart and at the most extreme poverty will not go to beg. All hope that will remember them the Russian State, will remember and will help to live adequately that who all the active life gave on buildings of socialism and then developments of shitocracy. But their expectations are vain. Nothing waits for them good in the country of Russia. It is necessary - to bring down option. But as well as where.

Also do not allow to get sick My God on pension, when there is no drugs in hospitals, and at the attending physician is, but for considerable money, when there is no conveniences in hospitals Russian, and at those who pays also separate chambers with plasmas and the Internet are. As so. The pensioner and cannot be ill that absolutely if children or acquaintances do not help. The slow death without drugs which need to be bought and is not present money. The choice should or be bought bread or medicines. The terrible choice threatens the pensioner future.

Accumulative pension funds - fiction. It is possible to hand over that contributions, but to receive then, on pension it will be almost impossible either pennies or anything. Again deception will happen to private pension funds.

How to survive to the pensioner in Russia.
Here on the eve of a retirement age pensioners Russian and the former Soviet also try to think over all the future. As will live that I will do or will go to the village, having sold the apartment in the regional center, but who will look behind them there. In the city though neighbors are, happen that, will help, not animals, and with the village - not to make oneself heard about the help.