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Whether so innocent jokes? Five diseases on which you should not joke

Often for fun we say the name of diseases which essence we do not know. Well or just we guess them owing to ordinary representations. In this small note I would like to warn you against such misuse of absolutely serious names. Everything very much is even serious.

1. Tetanus

Tetanus - an illness the danger long ago studied, but constituting and today, in the 21st century. With an ulterior motive doctors in policlinics do inoculations from this mysterious infection. This bacterial infectious disease which can be got at interaction of open bloody surfaces of skin with the causative agent of an infection. It is also possible to catch tetanus at heavy inflammatory processes (a tumor or an ulcer).

Actually the nervous system therefore muscles cease to work is surprised - fabrics fossilate, and the person turns into constantly fragile convulsive body. The death can occur from a sharp spasm and the termination of functions of respiratory system. So I advise jokes about tetanus, dear readers to retain in mind. It is very unpleasant illness. If the illness in general can be pleasant …

2. A mumps

the Ridiculous name epidemic parotitis received

thanks to a characteristic type of the patient at which parotid salivary glands swell up. Cheeks are as a result blown out, and the patient looks strange, he becomes similar to a mumps. An illness of this children aged till 15 years have, it proceeds about 2 weeks. It is possible to ache with a mumps, having caught vozdushno - a drop way.

The most awful in a mumps the fact that it is “specialist“ in all glands: epidemic can take both salivary, and gonads, a pancreas, a thyroid gland. It is possible to be treated and it is necessary, nothing deadly, but unpleasant feelings will remain for the rest of life. To avoid it, it is necessary to do inoculations in time.

3. A sclerosis

One of the most popular derided diseases in modern culture. And it is strange because problems with memory (namely most often it is accepted to call it in the ordinary a sclerosis) - a big problem of elderly people.

Try to live up to a gray hair and to remember everything - all - all. The brain grows old, it is harder and harder to it to carry out a number of operations - there is a replacement of usual connecting tissue of arteries with more dense at the biological level.

Though absolutely different processes in an organism can be the reason of atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain (it will be so more correct to call it), anyway disorder of memory as a result can lead to dementia - weak-mindedness, loss of various functions of an organism, backwardness. It is a serious thing which with everyone more and more homo sapiens of the planet Earth are ill year.

4. Syphilis

the Fourth illness on a letter “C“ to which it is often possible to hear snickers too is called syphilis. Happens various: congenital, acquired; hidden and active; early and late … Anyway it is about a venereal disease. Syphilis is transmitted sexually, sometimes through blood (at donorship). For this reason sometimes take blood on the analysis regarding syphilis from you.

It is characterized by emergence yazvochek (most often around genitals), then lymph nodes inflame, rash develops. At secondary syphilis the same symptoms, a condition of the patient worsens, and the struck bodies look just dreadfully (I do not advise to look on the Internet, and that then you will not sleep). In a tertiary phase (when everything is absolutely bad) the illness affects all bodies and fabrics, forming peculiar ulcers - gumma. It is usually difficult to assume that will be farther with the patient - with equal probability neurosyphilis, syphilis of valves of heart, kidneys etc. are possible. The benefit by means of antibiotics of people learned to avoid the most awful phase, but in the countries of Africa syphilitics meet quite often and now.

5. Impotence

we Will dilute diseases on the letter “with“ with the unfair relation to erektilny dysfunction - one of troubles of the man`s population not only our country. As it is often possible to hear laughter to a worthless penis at the man. And from - for it self-confidence is lost, biologically you cannot satisfy the representative of other floor (well, or the - we will be tolerant). Actually, it is big trouble of the modern person.

Violation of an erection - not the independent disease, is shown most often in a bouquet with others. So, for example, from it diabetics often suffer, a set of somatic diseases can lead to impotence eventually. In many cases it is caused by neurosises - our life is oversaturated by continuous emotional experiences and not only. It does not depend on age - is connected only in that way that, growing old, we are ill more often.

Men react to dysfunction differently. Even if externally it is quiet, then sexual intercourse can be interrupted because of morbidity. And with it it is impossible to joke. It is possible to fight against it: to leave off smoking, drink, cease to worry on trifles. At last, can go usual viagra preparations into action and a ginseng. Why not? Even simple massage of a painful zone will help to relax.

Here, dear readers what I wanted to tell about. You do not joke about tetanus and syphilis. All this actually is not cheerful at all …