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How to avoid deception and fraud in Bulgaria? Taxi drivers of

First, that you see at emergence on the Bulgarian earth, it is, of course, meeting. Meet those who arrived home, to Bulgaria, meet those who arrived on work. Perhaps and you will be met too if arrive to someone. And if is not present, then it is not terrible.

If you arrived to Bulgaria, so you need it in that timepoint, and having read these lines, you will save yourself from negative emotions which can spoil everything and always.

And so, having arrived, except meeting, you will surely see cunning and smiling faces of taxi drivers which are at work hard and as wolves, look out for the victim from among those who for the first time set foot on land of vechnokrasny tomatoes.

I will tell at once that - bombed private traders in Bulgaria does not exist as a class, per se he did not get accustomed here. The self-locking device - yes, is. Here the private trader with pleasure will give a ride to you. I sometimes suit so-called “city stop“, it when a self-locking device from one place to another move. Who in a subject, that knows. And as bombed here is not present, there is a set of a taxi - firms with a huge number of cars which compete with each other.

A taxi - a yellow color the car, time of the taxi driver, sometimes company if the taxi driver works at firm. The taxi driver who recoloured the car in yellow color and began to work watches the car, as the favourite (the wife, a dog or a flower). The taxi driver working at the car of firm - just kills her on roads. To it all the same that with equipment will be, the car not it, main - is more clients to transport.

Taxi in Sofia stand on parking and wait for clients, but also through the city drive in search of the victim.

Taxi drivers rather strong psychologists. You represent how many people it transported during the work how many stories listened how many times attacked it or cried on shoulder to it, pouring out the grief or the pleasure.

The taxi driver is as part of any megalopolis, any society. Taxi drivers are everywhere. It is possible to find the one who for money and on the cart will transport in any village. If you became a taxi driver, then will hardly be able already to return to normal life. This my opinion such, subjective and not applying for the rule.

The taxi driver is a lifestyle. It is style of the city, and at all without taxi drivers of life per se is not present. These are rescuers drunk and procurers with prostitutes, it is illegal sale of cigarettes and other rubbish, these are guides to the city of Sofia and all country, it is a lot more everything. The taxi driver, the normal taxi driver, correct, knows everything about the city, about the country, about policy, about everything and always takes an independent stand on all events.

Taxi drivers in the megalopolis of Sofia practically all polyglots. Especially those which work at the airport, at bus station and the railway station. Polyglots and psychologists. Perfectly see the client and approximately know on how many will peel him, especially women with bags. And rural suckers are met with pleasure. Suckers Bulgarian, from the villages, to Sofia on the rural affairs of arrived. Yes, however, all of them, except Roma - taxi drivers, perfectly know also Russian. Pretend to be a time that is not understood, and in practice all understand and all think - both in Russian, and in English, and in other European languages successfully communicate. Work at them such is that languages to know and make good money, and tip to receive.

But the most important - the taxi driver loves money.

Many good taxi drivers are which like to work and which can really help with something to the arrived guest of Bulgaria. Such I faced many since grew roots in Bulgaria. All the same the taxi driver is a friend for an hour and no more than that. Raised a hand, sat down in a taxi, passed - talked, paid off - and all, good-bye. But also these small moments can be spoiled by impudence of deception which some taxi drivers practice on the clients.

Deception option in a taxi the first. the Taxi driver just specially did not turn on the counter, having chattered with you, and does not stop speaking constantly until he takes you to the place. He tells and tells, just like the fortuneteller gradually learns where and why you arrived, and he on this subject continues “Vesti“ you, well and to carry on the city, respectively, telling a lot of interesting. It is pleasant to you that such relation from the first Bulgarian inhabitant - the taxi driver, and vigilance vanishes. And the counter is not switched on.

Having arrived to the destination, the taxi driver - the swindler will lament grievously that forgot to turn on the counter because you such interesting (good, fine, human and t. o) the person, that in conversation with you also forgot to include, but will tell precisely that from the airport to the place where brought you, 45 lev or 30 euros if the currency was not managed to be changed.

What to do? It is necessary to pay. Because brought you to the destination and the taxi driver performed the work, only specified the price, three times exceeding that which on the counter which is switched on would break through. And you forgot to turn on the counter. And you will hit the note of 50 lev, back at it will not be precisely because you his first client, he will tell. Here you will so quietly get on a small trifle. But as sincerely talked also already much about Bulgaria and Sofia you learned! What cannot but please.

Council of the old emigrant such is. Sitting down in a taxi, track that the driver turned on the counter, and it began to click, and then stir with the taxi driver to the top of the bent, occasionally looking at the counter.

Now about fare. the Cost fixed in the majority of a taxi - firms. Such conglomerate is created with uniform prices in all firms. They make as of a season of 2013:

A day tariff - 0. 77 Leva for kilometer.
the Night tariff - 0. 87 - 0. 90 Leva.
Landing - 0. 60 Leva.
Expectation - 0. 20 Leva minute.

It is basic tariffs for a taxi in Sofia, and they are pasted on a taxi windshield, on lateral glasses of the car, and before getting in the car yellow, it is worth reading attentively all font sizes on the plate with the indication of the prices of journey.

Deception frankly. “A gold taxi“. In Bulgaria still so-called “Gold taxi“ are are the individual entrepreneurs who recoloured the car in yellow color, obtained the license for transportation and the counter certified.

Differ from usual taxi - firms in the fact that independently establish the price of journey. Tariff. It is authorized in Bulgaria. There is no state approved price policy. And so. In these “gold taxi“ and a plate form with tariffs, which on a windshield and on lateral glasses, just the same as at all others - “normal“ taxi, but here tsifirk there absolutely others, are also written they or a thin font that it is difficult to make out at once, or more in small print that it is difficult to read.

For example, there can be such tariffs by “a gold taxi“:

A day tariff - 6. 50 Leva for kilometer.
the Night tariff - 10 lev for kilometer.
Landing - 0. 00 lev.
Expectation - 1. 0 lion in a minute.

You feel a difference? Generally these taxi drivers sit as fishermen on the lake and expect only one client from whom will tear off, notice, absolutely officially and under the law, and even the check will be issued. And not to carp.

Still such taxi drivers in “gold taxi“ at expensive restaurants and clubs trade at night and have accomplices in those institutions which report to them about clients, ready to shipment. And it is a lawful oblaposhivaniye of the guest of the capital in Bulgaria. Besides, without sucker and life of the Bulgarian taxi driver is bad.

And not to get to “a gold taxi“ and not to sweep from the Yaroslavl station to Leningrad for one hundred euros, be attentive and read the plate by car with tariffs.

Pleasant time to you in Bulgaria! Be not snared swindlers!