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National park of Yal: you are ready to a meeting with the wild nature?

the National park of Yal is located in Hugo - east part of Sri - Lanki, almost in 300 km from Colombo, the informal capital of the island. The most part of park is the savanna covered with green oases with lakes and hills. And on Yal`s plain, besides the park, there is a huge reservoir which coast are plentifully covered with dense vegetation.

Being going to visit Yala, do not feel sorry for time. The park is closed in the evening so spend the whole day here - will not regret. For fans of ecotourism (that is the maximum immersion in the wild nature) there are special campings where it is possible to live directly in the territory of park in a bungalow or in lodges on piles. In park several such camps: Makhaselava, Buttava, Patanangala, Yaala, Talgasmankade and Hinveva. Tours on the savanna on jeeps enjoy invariable popularity. They can be as one-day, and to last for couple of nights.

Perhaps, leopards became the main pride of Yala. Here nearly three tens these wild cats live. During a heat they settle more conveniently at top of the mountain of Vepandeniya (Scala of a leopard) and lie to sunset there. This best place on the planet where it is possible safely (both for the person, and for animals) to observe for wild cats.

Only be afraid to face a leopard - the cannibal! Last time such animal appeared in park in 1900, but history can always repeat. Then from claws and canines of a predator twenty pilgrims going on a festival in honor of the local god of war died. The final part part of a way passes exactly to cherezsa park. Here travelers also faced the spotty death... Perhaps, that god of war wanted the real blood as sacrifice? Who knows. Pilgrims, nevertheless, still appear in park at the end of June again to arrange a holiday in honor of the unmerciful deity.

The second jewelry of park - huge elephants. Their growth reaches three meters, and here population, alas, is reduced. Despite all precautions, it is possible to save giants from poachers not always. If you want to see more elephants, go to Sri - to Lank during the period from January to May. At this time elephants come back to park from the North where they leave after the beginning of a drought.

Having appeared in Yal`s park in January - February, besides return of elephants, you will see also marriage dance of magnificent peacocks. Completely to enjoy beauty of fauna of Yala, it is necessary to become for a while the zoologist and to properly study habits of animals and birds.

Having staid in hotel in the territory of park, be ready to visit of dumb animals. However, it is it is unlikely so possible to call a buffalo or an elephant. The most persistent guests are boars and monkeys. However, according to reviews, they behave decently and do not bother. There is nothing surprising in such visits. Hotels are usually located in oases on the bank of the lake to which animals and birds aspire on a watering place. Well, and how to pass by a tasty entertainment which amusing biped beings willingly share with you!

All in park 44 species of mammals, including elephants, buffalo s, bears and monkeys. Five species of turtles ten times more species of reptiles. A great number of birds and fishes, the part of whom does not meet any more anywhere in the world. Naturally, all of them can be photographed. What on you will tell about people. Entrance to park takes place through control - the check point protected by the armed soldiers. Here them it is not recommended “to click“.

As for photographing, I can recommend to take with myself a chamber with the good built-in zoom or powerful a body - a lens (if you have “reflex camera“). How many animals you will see and as close it will turn out to approach them - a question of good luck and experience of your conductor - the driver. So it is better to make secure and be ready to photohunting for all hundred percent!

In the Middle Ages long ago the forgotten Rukhun`s kingdom owned all lands of national park of Yal in Sri - Lanka. Now of the kingdom remind only ruins of locks and ruins of the cities. But the park still occupies more than 100 thousand hectares. By the way, sometimes the park is called by the name of kingdoms, but not by(with) plains. Just remember that the national park of Yal (Yala National Park) and national park of Rukhun (Ruhuna National Park) is the same magnificent reserve of the wild nature.