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Whether “Harry Potter“ has a continuation?

the Tale of the boy - the wizard who got to School of a charodeystvo and magic Hogwarts, and saved then all magic world, excited nearly ten years minds of fans of a fantasy. One by one there were books, and Harry Potter`s admirers storm took bookstores.

movies In parallel were shot, and movie theaters were already exposed to storm. But after seven books and eight movies the fairy tale ended. Harry Potter Joanne Rowling`s “mother“ declared that she does not plan to write continuation, at least, in the near future. But the huge number of admirers did not agree with its decision. Really the Boy`s adventures - Who - Survived ended? Really there is nothing to tell about the huge magic world created by Rowling`s imagination more? No, it is wrong!

Lewis Carroll somehow admitted that he began to write the fairy tales because he had nothing to read. Harry Potter`s admirers judged also. And. began to write the continuation to favourite history. “Harry Potter`s phantom“ was so created.

Fanfikshn (namely so the literature genre created by admirers based on this or that work is called) as the phenomenon existed also to Harry Potter. The tradition to write alternative endings of favourite books and movies, continuation of already ended stories or the vision of a plot appeared for a long time. But if before creation of fikrayter could not be widely adopted, then with development of the Internet the whole websites of a separate fandom where authors can publish the stories began to appear, discuss them with readers, to communicate etc.
Should recognize that fanfik in mass scale appear not at all works. If the characters who are thought up by the author are unambiguous, and subject lines are predictable and complete, admirers have nothing to add. But if the Universe created by the author is huge as in a case with Joanne Rowling`s world, fikrayter willingly take up the pen.

Here, for example, you are sure that professor Snape really died from a sting of a snake? His portrait did not appear in Hogwarts director`s office as by tradition had to happen. And admirers of “Harry Potter“ will give to you ten more of proofs that professor survived. How there was its destiny? Whether he remained to teach? Or threw school and became the alchemist? And maybe, met true love?

Or, let us assume, it is known that Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley, and at them was born three children. The latest book comes to an end with the fact that new generation Potterov goes to Hogwarts. Really they will just be disaccustomed and will come back home? And how adventures? What James Potter will grow up? And on what faculty Albus - Severus will get? It is For some reason thought that in Slytherin.

And it is only reasons for creation so-called “Postkhogov“, fanfik which action happens after the termination by Harry Potter of Hogwarts. And how many stories are written about those times which preceded described in books? Whom was Rovena Reyvenklo and whether something connected her with Salazar Slytherin? What role was played in their relations by Godric Griffindor? How Hogvarst was created? At fikrayter the mass of versions in this respect. They will also tell you alternative endings of final fight, will tell of those adventures of the main characters in school days which held back Rowling.

Feature of the world of “Harry Potter“ is that it easily “lasts“ in different directions. In Rowling`s books there are a lot of bright heroes and subject lines that fikrayter received a vast scope for creativity. Someone writes about adventures, new threats to the magic world and Harry Potter`s feats. The subject of the personal relations between heroes, and unreliable main is more interesting to someone. Here, say, Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. About them it is possible to write a beautiful romance novel or the drama about the young people who became hostages of family traditions. Or the detective about murder in Malfoy - a menorah.

Of course, not all authors of fanfik are equally talented. Some of their works in many respects concede to the original. Besides that the fanfik has to have an original plot, from the author it is required to make heroes as much as possible “in character“. If in a fanfika terrible professor Snape suddenly begins to breed kittens and to put on in pink, readers of it will not forgive to the author. But fanfik, even stronger on a plot, than the original meet. And translators of “Harry Potter“ could envy a syllable and a lexicon of some fikrayter. Such fanfik usually head ratings on the websites of phantoms, it is easy to recognize them by a huge number of enthusiastic comments.

In a word if you want to read continuation of “Harry Potter“, look for fanfik. Only it is careful! Are divided Fanfiki into categories. If you want to read about adventures, choose the category “dzhen“. And the prevention at the beginning of Fick of NC - 17 confirms existence in the text of frank scenes between the main characters. If you are psychologically not ready to it, it is better to refrain from reading such fik.

And one more prevention! The world of a fanfikshen is so huge and various that you risk to forget about existence of more serious literature for few months, and even years. Did not frighten? Then pleasant reading!