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What history of music of Alexey Rybnikov to / f “About the Little Red Riding Hood“ and “Moustached nurses“?

On “Buratino`s Adventures“ cooperation of the director Leonid Nechayev and the composer Alexey Rybnikov did not end. The movie “About the Little Red Riding Hood“ which Nechayev positioned as “continuation of the old fairy tale“ became the following collaboration. by

“Missile defense the Little Red Riding Hood“ (1977)

In the new movie involved remarkable actors, many again - from old “buratinny“ guard: Vladimir Basov, Rolan Bykov, Reena Zelyonaya and “Buratino“ - Dima Iosifov (now he played the Wolf cub). From new eminent actors it is possible to mark out Evgeny Yevstigneyev, Galina Volchek and Nikolay Trofimov.

Also the old dream of Nechayev came true - at last words to songs were composed by Yuli Kim. However because of a loop of “unreliability“ it was necessary to specify in Kim`s credits under the pseudonym “N. Mikhaylov“.

The scenario, as well as in a case with “Buratino“, belonged to Inna Vetkina who developed the real parable as which main thesis it is possible to consider dialogue of the Little Red Riding Hood with the spoiled kid because of the short instructive fairy tale:

- I have a business, and I at first will make it. - And I do not care

about your business! At me - that does not care.

- At all people is affairs.

- And I am a child.

- do not talk nonsense! You are a person and has to live properly.

the Little Red Riding Hood left in the movie, on the one hand, on - to the adult impudent, independent and responsible, with another - childly throwing and cheerful.

WOLF. To you it is terrible?

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. To me it is not terrible. It is opposite to me.

In fact, the heroine as if resisted to the world of adults - when narrow-minded when coward and when predatory.

I both did not know, and did not remember,

That “tooth“, and that “canine“ means.

However, then - that I understood,

A then and got used.

But at dark night the sprosonok

is Heard by me even now:

- My dear boy,

So far you are a wolf cub,

You not absolutely still an animal.

Of course, the movie appeared a little “wrapped up“ and lost “Buratino“ in enchantment and dynamic. But also at the same time its popularity was very high. Well, and the soundtrack did not concede “Buratino“ in anything at all.

Now actors did not hesitate to sing: we can hear Basov`s voices, Bykov, Green and Yevstigneyeva. The adventurous song of the Little Red Riding Hood about the fact that “if long - long - long to stamp, go and run became a visiting card of the movie and classics of a children`s song, certainly, it is possible to come to Africa“ . A fervent couplet it is also shrill - a beautiful refrain won the hearts not only children.

From interview with A. Rybnikov:

“- Who thought up to sing “Aaaaa!“ - you or the author of verses, Yuli Kim?

- I, I, I. Kim wrote: “Ah, hello, rivers here such width, ah, hello, mountains here such height!“ And I, frankly speaking, when received these long lines, at all did not know what with it to do. Very long suffered, did not find it “ààààà“ yet. And differently how to sing?“

Krom of actors of a song were executed also by professionals. For example, party of the She-wolf invited to execute the singer Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya. That was on a shooting stage not one, and together with 8 - the summer daughter Olya. Olya unexpectedly was the real find. When Rybnikov suggested the girl to sing the song about Africa, that coped with it from the first double. The delighted composer said: “It is not a human voice, angels so sing“. We hear Olya`s voice also in songs about stars and the desert island.

But the main find for the movie, certainly, there was a featured actress - Yana Poplavskaya. It literally charmed all film crew, and then and TV viewers. And it in spite of the fact that first the director did not want to take Yana from - for her “frog“ appearance.

And ugly it, utterly worthless, eye

I at it curves and a nose too,

Oh, and a small basket at it such trifling,

And the grandma - that at it, probably, healthy.

I a nose in noodles, and a lip in borsch, and in general...

Successful turned out also the fact that Yana and Olya`s voices coincided on a timbre. However, by Poplavskaya`s recognition, in the movie she sang by the voice only one song - “that that sounds about a well“ (“The first song about stars“ means).

A. Rybnikov: by

“Two young beings, absolutely children still - Yana Poplavskaya and Olya Rozhdestvenskaya - in many respects made the movie“.

“Moustached nurses“ (1977)

After a brilliant film debut Olya Rozhdestvenskaya very quickly became the popular children`s singer. Its voice can be heard in the animated film “Girl and Dolphin“, the movie about Petrov and Vasechkin and even in fate - Rybnikov`s opera “Star and Joaquin Murrieta`s death“. It sounds and in the well-known vocalese from to / f “Moustached nurses“ which as a telephone ringtone compassionate mothers and grandmothers so like to put.

It is interesting that Vladimir Grammatikov whom Rybnikov knew even since work on “Treasure island“ where that played a role of the servant Richard Joyce became the director of this movie. Then Grammatikov was still an actor, and “Moustached nurses“ became his debut as the director.

The cheerful, kind and touching story about the overage goof Kesha who was sent for “corrective works“ in kindergarten was removed long before the western “Police officer from a kindergarten“ and became one of leaders of the Soviet film distribution of 1979.

The movie made suddenly well-known both the director, and the leading man - the actor Sergey Prokhanov. Ability to get on with children became the main argument in favor of Sergey. The director remembered how he on tests left the actor with 18 “barmaleychik“ and later time heard as noise and din behind doors calmed down. Having come into the room, Grammatikov saw how Prokhanov together with children lies on a floor and repeats: “We are fishes, and fishes are silent!“

Actually from songs is only one present at the movie - the improvisational joke about Kolobok written by Yuli Kim ( “Kolobok - Kolobok, came, a pigeon“ ). But lack of words did not prevent the viewer to remember at all that vocalese which began to be associated also with a children`s subject, as well as remarkable instrumentat Century. Tousle from the French movie “Toy“.

That to Rybnikov, he will write couple more of well-known vocaleses for the following movie of Grammatikov “There was a dog on a grand piano“ (1978): first of all the subjects “Helicopter“ and “Tatyana`s Dreams“ mean.

To movies “That Myunkhgauzen“ and “Also Did Not Dream You“ I will already tell about music in final article from the cycle devoted to Alexey Rybnikov`s film works.

Well, and music, as always, it is possible to listen in 1 - m to comments to this article.