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How it is correct to look after lips?

the Stout and beginning to grow stout ladies seek to grow thin at any cost. Many of them want fast result therefore they sit on various the express - diets or cut down a habitual diet excessively. However consequences do not keep themselves waiting for

because such irresponsible relation to own organism does more harm, than advantage.

The wearisome low-calorie menu, certainly, will allow to dump a two-three of kilograms (whether only for a long time?!) but also in appearance it will be reflected not in the best way immediately.

Lips react to shortage in an organism of vitamins and minerals the first: they suddenly seemingly for no reason at all begin to be shelled and burst. This process will be more intensive if outside frosty weather or summer heat.

The well-groomed look will return to lips a diet in which first place will be won by the products containing vitamins A, E and also groups B. Huge value has also the drinking mode: sufficient moistening of a lip is received when the person daily drinks enough clear water.

Skin of lips, as well as skin around eyes, has no sebaceous glands therefore it is very sensitive and inclined to dryness. Usual cosmetics in this case not really are suitable for the person - special means or national recipes are more pertinent. It is not enough usual lipstick or lip gloss, they only “keep shape“. That the dry, shelled lips took an appropriate form, more effective measures are required.

Various lip balms and hygienic lipsticks quite often are the real rescue, besides they can be used under a make-up. In these means to contain essential and vegetable oils (jojoba, olive, sea-buckthorn, grape seeds and dr), beeswax, vitamins, proteins, extracts of herbs. In the winter fatter mixes, and in the summer - on the contrary are pertinent.

That the effect of application of prophylactics for lips was more effective and fast, it is worth using time in 10 days a srub for lips which will clean the become lifeless parts and will provide to nutrients easy access. The usual face scrub in this case is no good - the special srub will be suitable for lips or the usual honey which (became candied). It is possible to carry out massage of lips and a usual toothbrush (to mass daily a damp brush of a lip several minutes). This procedure also strengthens also microblood circulation.

It is possible to use the means prepared in house conditions. There is a lot of such recipes. The most effective of them - prepared on the basis of the kindled beeswax (couple of tablespoons are necessary). It is necessary to add a tablespoon to liquid weight vegetable (almond, peach, palm, etc.) oils and on a teaspoon of honey and juice of an aloe. It is possible to drip any essential oil. Mix should be held in glass capacity in the refrigerator.

Cracks in corners of lips (zayeda) indicate a lack of 2 vitamin B , iron or zinc. Inclusion in the daily menu of green vegetables (especially broccoli and spinach), fruit, bean, and also fermented milk products will help to correct a situation.