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How to be risen to hopelessly cluttered up room?

Spring and summer are departures on the nature, to the village. Someone rents the house, someone remembered grandmother`s inheritance. The easiest way to put the room in order - to ask the first comer about the one which of local will undertake to relieve the house of unnecessary things, and the person interested to set a condition that completely cleared room with the swept floor and the cleaned web has to be result.

Can agree about mopping and windows. Or about preservation of large furniture. Such cleaning by others forces lasts not for long and happens very qualitative, but does not approach at all in case the house belonged to favourite people and there is a wish to keep something for memory of them.

We will assume, we open a door of the room in which it is necessary at once to begin to live with a family, and we see heaps taken out from the city of prophetic unclear value, tightened by a web, with traces of activity of small rodents and larvae of insects. It is first terrible to move, clubs of dust will rise, and our clean city clothes will become such that in it it will be a shame to come back.

First of all it is necessary to change clothes. The situation will prompt as well as where to make it, there will be hints about several different situations here. Councils at choice:

Look a look for a pile of newspapers and pull out pure of the middle, spread them on a chair or a sofa and on a floor around the place planned for disguise. Put nearby on newspapers the brought things, take off and hide the clothes in packages, put on the brought replaceable or look on shelves of a case what can be got, stirred up and tried on.

Wet water tissues or get ready damp and wipe several pieces of furniture, for the used napkins and other garbage prepare a package at once, it can be inserted into a bucket and to pull its top part on edges of a bucket that it was convenient to throw garbage (and that sometimes a package is taken in the left hand and open its right for each trifle which is going to be thrown out).

If the table is filled up, carefully shift objects aside that at least one party of a table became free for the necessary trifles brought by you, whether it be scissors, an adhesive tape, a notebook with a pencil, a large bottle with water, a stock of packages or still something. The notebook has to be on call because in the room, new to you, there are no traditional places of storage of the necessary things and it is desirable to write down at once where you put something valuable that quickly and without imboweling of already collected collections to find urgently necessary on records. The adhesive tape helps to pack boxes, packages, to fasten hanks, balls, rolls, piles, to paste instructions.

Find a water source, prepare at least one glass for drink, cover ware and products with a film or the newspaper, but you hold nearby. Prepare the vacation spot that for fatigue which can come, directly not fall in stuff over time. Put an alarm clock for that time when it is necessary to feed himself or a family because otherwise dismantling of things will carry away and will not allow to remember hunger or rest in time.

Look around and think up several different works of different degree of urgency, later the complete picture will escape. Whenever possible write down big and small affairs in that order in which occur, priorities it will be possible to place then. Assume what can be necessary not to throw out in garbage, say, boxes which in half an hour will be useful for sorting of trifles.

For work! Without reflecting and without looking back, we do everything that sees an eye, to the first fatigue. Also we stop that excessive exhaustion of forces did not become a cause of failure from continuation of pleasant cheerful work.