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The woman - the chief: well or badly? The point of view of the man of

As early as years forty - to fifty that was considered that the woman the full-fledged head cannot be a priori. The patriarchal postulate still of Lutheran times that the woman is, first of all, Kinder, Kueche, Kirche, despite formal sexual equality in Soviet period, was hotly loved by the Soviet men among whom there were many representatives of the Caucasian and Asian people.

B the last years twenty, under an impact democratically - gumanistichny values from the West, the man`s consciousness moved in favor of gender equality even more, and among us even more women - heads - both chiefs of shops on tailoring, and presidents of the countries appeared. Well the fact that on paper the woman can be absolutely not the worst, and even best head, than the man, is the come true fact long ago. And here is how the situation is in reality? In what a difference between the chief - the woman and the chief - the man? Naturally, the man`s eyes because female eyes to me are not given by nature.

In my lifetime all I had not less than two tens any women of chiefs, beginning from heads of a school class and finishing heads of large departments. There were among them both a businesswoman, and deputy ministers, and just the masters having five under the feminine - ten workers. Men - chiefs was slightly more - approximately time in two. Same businessmen, chiefs of shops, directors and large chiefs of departments and departments. In patriarchal Asia, in small desks, in modern Europe, in the western firms and the companies. I also was, and somewhere I continue to remain, the chief, - so to speak, on that side of barricades.

On my belief to make a portrait oil that there is a woman - the head, it is necessary to proceed, first of all, not from this whom and what she directs in what country what education at it etc., and from its female (or not so female) the nature. The new woman - the chief in the former Soviet Union, though differs from the woman Soviet, everything also continues to exist and work in the same framework of a family and society, as her predecessor.

Our woman is still first of all focused on a family even if she is a rigid businesswoman and it has no family yet. However, this its property still, substantially, makes related it and with representatives of other countries, the nations and nationalities as the female nature, its main instinct to give birth and raise children, establishing a family where it is possible and it is impossible - its imperative, transnational and transtemporary, unites all women at all times (can, well-known female solidarity, results from a community of instincts and interests from here?)

And therefore in collective where there is still not elderly and beaten life a woman - the head with normally expressed feminine, she, first of all, and there tries to establish some kind of family, on more - less parity beginnings where all will be happy and happy where tolerance and equality, beauty and harmony will reign (the fact that it is hardly possible - a question already another). Unlike men - heads who, first of all, build strict hierarchy where younger submits to the senior, believing that without it the collective mechanism harmoniously and cannot effectively work.

Such women - chiefs not so much direct how many they sponsor and edify the subordinates. Punish seldom, do not raise the voice, demand to themselves and the rest extreme politeness and decency. And at first sight that can be better than such democratic chief who is ready to listen and give advice, to release from work a bit earlier and to cover before the higher administration?

Other category of women in power - it is, as a rule, more senior than of the woman or is more skilled which attempts to construct a family and in working collective leave for emergency, without giving vent to the female imperative, and play more likely by man`s rules, observing for centuries the verified hierarchy and an order, demanding accurate fulfillment of duties from subordinates. Their methods of management approximately the same that at men - heads, unless with some external differences where the woman is still guessed, with her times the shown softness, care, aspiration to understand and forgive, and not just to punish.

The third category is, probably, the smallest category of women (though who knows - can, I am an idealist?) shown themselves in color for the last twenty years, category of women - extreme feminists or once victims of unfortunate love (though not the fact) who in every possible way deny the female nature, considering by her harmful invention men with one purpose to keep women down, heads rigid and relentless. In the people they are “bitches“. Such boyars Morozov to whose corporate cruelty and unscrupulousness men - chiefs are surprised. However, and they have pluses: these Atilla and Chingiskhana in a skirt, without reflecting, crossing through corpses of the subordinates and competitors, more often and quicker than the others achieve goals, and appreciates them it and the administration is rather afraid already of them.

Whether well to have the chief the woman? it is undoubted. If to be able to notice not only minuses, but also pluses and to be able to use them, and not just on knurled to you lament “The woman the chief cannot be! “

So what It is the boss better, than the boss - He? She, as a rule, will understand, will like, will forgive, will help, will cover. Will give one more day on granting two days of the late report. Will allow to leave work if you few times sneezed. Will understand that in the morning you overslept and therefore were late for half an hour. Will prompt, will show, even itself for you will make. Will always listen if at you that at heart and heart. Will give advice and will teach how to work in this or that situation. That is will be the effective and fair lady in power or careful mummy - to whom that it is lovelier. Provided that it will have the necessary mood, and you have the necessary approach. And if between you there is some sympathy (of course, not only corporate), at all work can begin to bring that pleasure which you forgot long ago. As the woman - the chief - too the woman, and is even more.

Well and if the sympathy at you does not develop or the mood at it will be not that? Then wait for unpredictability, called in the people by “female logic“: inconsistent orders a la “I want peaches today, and tomorrow Roma with a bear“ which you the square male brain will hardly master. Changes of terms and plans, without distinct explanation and sometimes even without notice you that date is postponed, and plans are changed. Cavils apropos and without cause when all your sins during your service under a feminine of Her Majesty are heaped ““, since the basic and the main thing and finishing with your delay three years to for what you were forgiven long ago.

To trifles, and even the nuances which do not have relations to work it seems “Why you so look?!“ or “Why you so talk?!“, “You in the imeyl did not write to me “Dear“ and “Thanks“, “You did not wash month the mug - from it it is possible to extract oil! “, etc., importance will be betrayed fatal (at least and for you). You with ease will be given with giblets to the higher administration, without having noticed in it “anything of that kind“. Also do not think to argue. The last word has to remain always for the woman and the more so if this woman - your chief.

Having the woman - the chief, with all that it implies from this pluses and minuses, I continually test vague deja vue as sketches, or even scenes, from far family life that before me not so much the woman - the chief how many my blessed. But it is already, seemingly, my problems.