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Classification of housing in new buildings of Irkutsk

Very long time in the city of Irkutsk and its vicinities did not exist an immodest solvency of the housing relating to elite.

Undoubtedly, there were good and interesting projects which dared to call themselves those, but often it was only the deception which is thought up by some clever marketing company. Many used that till a certain moment there was no concrete classification of residential real estate where all trifles and details would be registered, and it was possible to call the house elite only at fantastically high prices of the apartments located in it. After there was an official and accurate classification, not each operating object will be able to confirm the status of elite housing declared earlier. But in a segment of expensive real estate in Irkutsk there were also positive tendencies where projects of the highest level with distinctive characteristics which modestly hold back the elite status are realized.

We will specify some details

Quite recently the Russian realtors created the uniform and standard classification of inhabited multiroom constructions. Now, according to this official document, any object it is possible to appropriate a certain class. All real estate was divided into four main groups:

• the house-keeper - a class;

• comfort - a class;

• business - a class;

• elite housing (objects of the raised komkfortnost belong).

For each concrete category accurate rules in which very many details are considered are registered. Darya Pichugina, the analyst of residential real estate from Investkafe agency, shortly characterized as today the elite housing has to look: “In order that inhabited construction could sootkvetstvovat to this high level, it has to be worked in details out from the architectural point of view, possess kachestvenkny characteristics (beginning from internal finishing and a glazing and finishing with construction matekriala), and also the area most at home has to be ranging from 60 to 320 sq.m and more. The room is obliged to provide quality communication, a filtration of drinking water, an internal microclimate. The house adjoining territory also has to be equipped top-level, an indispensable condition of which is existence of a parking. In general, all listed attributes became standard for a long time for high-class housing which really deserves a rank elite“.

The expert placed particular emphasis on the high requirement to the engineering equipment, in housing of elite - a class existence of the centralized exhaust ventilation, an opportunity climate - control with a parouvlazhneniye, purification of air, maintenance of desirable temperature, complex system of a filtration of drinking water is considered obligatory.

Except all this, other trifles to which, unfortunately, not all pay attention also are registered in official classification. For example, as elite it is possible to consider only that housing which is created on the individual author`s project of rather famous architect. House adjoining territories has to be closed from strangers and protected, the entrance of guests on such territory is carried out only according to special cards. Some more words about a parking: ideally it has to be covered and contain not less than 1,5 cars on each apartment.

A picturesque view from the window, location in the central part of the city, existence nearby of any monuments of architecture and the cultural centers, availability of infrastructure facilities (spa - salons, sport centers and so forth) - all these moments are not even discussed by

If to build the “abrupt“ multi-storey building at observance of all conditions, for example, in Tokinskom, then it will not carry an honorary title of elite. With the advent of such accurate classification each competent buyer will be able to define belonging of concrete object to this or that category, and at the same time and to check truthfulness of words of the builder.