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Time: our friend or enemy?

What is human life? These are two dates through a dash: when the person came to this world and when left it. To each of us the time of stay on the earth is allowed. Time - is impartial and ruthless. It as if the chariot, slides on knurled with a constant speed.

Nobody can stop it or turn back, to us the right only to take the place in the chariot and to proceed from point A in point B is granted. If the landing time of each new passenger in the chariot can be defined to within several days, then the arrival time to a terminal point is a big secret.

That such time?

In Wikipedia one of definitions of time sounds so: time - “this irreversible current (only in one direction - from the past in the present in the future) in which there are all processes existing in life being the facts“.

Follows from this definition that time - the unidirectional characteristic having the reference system. The uneven system of the report is connected with rotation of Earth around the Sun. The uniform or reference reference system is accepted by definition. Before it coordinated to the movement of planets of Solar system, now nuclear time is considered a standard of time.

We will leave alone scientists who try to divide time for categories, argue on properties of time and treat time depending on branch of scientific knowledge. Let`s talk that time means to separately taken person. Each of us can make simple experiment and look what changes happened to it from the moment of the birth so far. For this purpose it is necessary to glance only in a family album.

... We will imagine that the man of average years decided to refresh the memory and to watch photos. In the first picture the nice baby ridiculously smiles a toothless mouth, and here he takes the first steps, holding a mother`s finger. The first school photo cast pleasant memories of how went to study. Here he at a graduation party dances with the nice schoolmate.

In several years the same two in day of the wedding: the tall nice young man with a magnificent head of hear looks eyes in love at the young wife. And he does not want to look at this photo at all: after an unfortunate marriage life lost meaning. He from a grief washed down. Somehow sat in kitchen with the neighbor and thumped on - black. At this moment the neighbor - the drunkard also photographed the poor fellow.

Bothered to look at himself to the person, but here finally the picture which he made a few days ago for documents got to him. From the photo the tired person with an extinct look looked at it, on the head there was a down from a former head of hear, cheeks close ears, the tie “was for some reason twisted“ on one party. Having slammed an ill-fated album, the man heaved a deep sigh.

What made with it time? Why it is impossible to wind off about twenty years ago and to begin life with a blank page? Why it is impossible “to agree“ with this damned time? Time is my enemy! Approximately the poor fellow with unfortunate life so reflected … everything is subject to

of Time, with its current our planet changes, the states and the nations appear and disappear. It creeps to everyone quietly and imperceptibly, it can change our priorities in life, can quietly and imperceptibly exhaust and push to death or on the contrary, at the most critical moment to give hope - and at the person wings grow behind the back.

Stop a moment, you it is fine!

Really for all history of mankind nobody tried to stop time or at least somehow to slow down it? Of course, tried and repeatedly. And it is the best of all it turned out at … women. During any era from antiquity up to now women tried and continue to do everything to keep eternal youth and beauty.

Through centuries we were reached by a rumor about the great Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Certificates remained that it had surprisingly gentle and velvety skin. Longer to keep youth, it applied special mixes to care of face skin and nutritious bathtubs for a body.

The desire of women to be beautiful pushed them on the invention of strange procedures. For example, Greek women in ancient Hellas believed that bathtubs from dirt with addition of excrement of a crocodile promote preservation of youth and beauty, and they with big hunting plunged into this doubtful mix.

The Japanese geishas had the secret how to make face skin farforovo - white. For this purpose they used mix from rice flour with the crushed bird`s dung. This “mask“ was put on all face, including eyelids, nostrils and ears. The person really got a snow-white shade, and girls looked as porcelain dolls.

Our contemporaries have much more means in the arsenal to remain young and beautiful decades. If a bust not of that form, then it is possible to add silicone. Magnificent hips - a liposuction at your service are not pleasant. It is possible to increase eyes, to make an ideal nose, chubby appetizing sponges. If time left the ruthless mark on a face in the form of wrinkles - it is possible to make tightening or to stick Botox. And, how many any cosmetics! Cleopatra would hurry to leave the sarcophagus and came tearing along run presently if it was possible.

There is only one inconvenience for the trying to look younger lady. Sometimes it is necessary to come into different establishments on affairs and to show the passport. Here - that is shock for the beauty. By sight to it 25, and according to the passport has to have the granddaughter of such age already. But it “small trouble“ can be worried.

of “Time machine“

of People long since dreamed to invent the unit in which it would be possible to make trips in time - both in the past, and in the future. Most accurately this idea was formulated in G. Wells`s novel “Time machine“. Last century it was rethought by the science fiction writer A. Azimov in the novel “End of Eternity“ and P. Andersen in the book “Patrol of Eternity“.

“Time machines“ were described differently - in the form of the bicycle, the car or a special capsule. The general was the fact that they had the control panel on which it was necessary to gather date to get in due time. Who knows, maybe, in several centuries such to the car will be constructed, and time will become subject to the person!

Instead of the conclusion

That such time throughout life of one person? For example, my grandmother remembers World War II: her child evacuated from an occupation zone. Studying at school, she knew well, as. V. Stalin is the father of all people and thinks of each of us. Then for her memories there was an exposure of “cult of personality“, Khrushchev with corn and gray long loafs in a bakery behind which the turn was built. This series of events could be continued: collapse of the USSR, meetings, race for power, formation of the new state …

, like Eol`s whiff, accurately overturns Time every moment our life as the next page of the book. Somewhere under thickness of its pages our childhood got lost, our dreams and hopes are buried. What we aspired to, turned into a decay. All the time placed in the places. What lit up our vital aspirations grew dim, and what we did not expect in any way came. What for us was valuable and filled with sense earlier just depreciated now.

Time - the surprising keeper of human history. Nothing disappears completely. Time kept traces of the disappeared states and civilizations for descendants, it preserved human wisdom in the form of drawings, rock paintings, rolls and books.

We make a surprising trip in time chariot, we become participants and witnesses of various events. With us nearby the family. Let`s value every moment here and now! Tomorrow the next page of our life will be turned by impartial time …