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What to bring from Austria?

Coming back from any trip abroad, we often, besides impressions, carry home a heap of souvenirs - and ourselves, both numerous relatives, and friends - colleagues. Naturally, the first line in the list of popularity - irrespective of the country - is occupied by various magnetics, charms, cards with types.

But each country is famous for something special, unique. So, what it is possible to bring as a gift from Austria?

1. Sweet

Austria - and Vienna in particular - can call

a kingdom of sweets. Naturally, the Mozart candies which became some kind of business card of a candy store of Austria and gentle are familiar to all, it is delightful tasty wafers of Manner (as classical, and with various fruit variations).

But there is a lot more interesting. In Vienna Zakher cake was born - by the way, it is recommended to buy it in a candy store at the hotel of the same name - only there this cake is considered present. Besides, in Austria make the candied petals of roses and violets - the last were one of favourite delicacies of the empress Elisabeth (Sissi). It here unusual addition will decorate any pastries, but also - sakharno - flower candies and in itself are not bad on taste.

Well and, naturally, chocolate. It here different, absolutely for every taste - white, dairy, with various additives, well and heavy, saturated 100% dark chocolate.

2. Alcohol

Among traditional Austrian alcohol should note schnapps and the Mozart liqueurs. Schnapps - strong alcoholic drink which in Austria from what is only not made. Schnapps from apples, cherry, plum are most widespread, but also it is possible to find a pear, an apricot, raspberry, wild berries... How here not to remember Ostap Bender with his taburetovka!

Sugar, not to mention chemical preservatives and dyes is not even added to the real Austrian schnapps.

The Mozart liqueur happens three types - dark chocolate, milk chocolate (it is considered classical), and white chocolate. A basis - fruit alcohols and cream so drink precisely will be pleasant to fans of an amarula and Baileys. At the same time, as the producer claims, exclusively natural ingredients are a part of “Mozart“. It is necessary to notice that the Austrian alcohol is not too known in the world as it is made mainly in small amounts (especially schnapps), - and at the same time it is impossible to deny that it is alcohol qualitative.

3. Porcelain

Arguing on traditional Austrian souvenirs, it is necessary to mention the porcelain manufactory Augarten which arose in 1718, only for 8 years after famous Meysen. It is possible to find delightful services, plateaus, saucers, cups, hand bells, figurines - a specific place among which is held snowy - white horses - lepitsaner.
However should remember that the real Austrian porcelain - pleasure not from cheap, and everything on what there is a low price, - only the Chinese stylization.

4. The embroidered products

A still Austria is famous for various products - fans, handbags, jewelry, pictures - embroidered in the “brevier-a point“ equipment - a dot embroidery. From where such name? Yes just if especially not to peer into structure, then it is possible to see only the tochechka developing in a delightful picture. If strongly to get accustomed, then the embroidery looks as a stitch half a cross - only very tiny stitch. On one square centimeter about 484 stitches can “go in“. Are most known - and are expensive - embroideries of a manufactory of Maria Shtranski created in 1932 and who is successfully functioning to this day.

Naturally, it not all that can remind of the days spent in Austria. And it is much more interesting to find something special that will remind the atmosphere of Vienna only for you.