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Whether there is life without pampers?

All mummies know that sooner or later in life of the kid there comes the moment when it is time to get acquainted with a pot. Whether and many know that it is possible to begin already with the birth? “Fairy tales!“ - one will exclaim. “Why so early?“ - others will be indignant. Then I suggest to plunge into the theory slightly.

It is no secret that with the advent of the child on light all its systems begin to be improved, and secretory not an exception. At first process of a defekation and urination brings to the kid discomfort therefore he in every possible way shows concern. Attentive mother notices these signals and lands (takes in a convenient pose) the child, helping it to make the affairs. Thus, she learns to understand the kid, and he in turn gets invaluable experience of trust to the big world.

Establishing mutual understanding of mother and child - here main idea of jumping. It was close to me also because personally I never voluntarily would agree to carry the whole year pampers. I prefer more natural fabrics, despite assurances of producers that their inventions are able to breathe. So really my child did not deserve the same?

Many refuse jumping, considering not real to watch the kid all the time as first he does the things each 15 min. Actually, everything is not so terrible. Yes, newborns often pisat, but only during wakefulness. And they sleep, as we know, much. However here it is worth making the important reservation. Jumping really will suit not each mother. If you work or hold the opinion that the child cannot be accustomed to hands, it is not your method as means a joint dream with the kid, feeding on demand, carrying in a baby sling.

One more fear of jumping - it is fear of the mountain of washing. From personal experience I can tell: I had much less dirty linen, than at mother who accustomed the child to a pot after a year. In - the first, misses at us was a little. And in - the second, volume written at the newborn is less, than at a godovasik therefore I often just dried and reused. Well, convinced? Then we pass to practice.

So when it is the best of all to begin? Approximately till 4 months the kid feels discomfort and signals the behavior at desire “to descend in a toilet“. Therefore, it is also the most favorable period. Further the child gets used to work of secretory system and quietly “goes“ to pampers, slowly ceasing to warn about it parents. And after 6 months it is necessary to work already much to restore what was lost.

At first it is necessary to observe the kid. Leave it more often in one jacket without panties. Thus, in passing you also temper the child. It is possible to spread it on the disposable diaper covered with usual fabric. By the way, you do not hurry to throw out the described disposable diaper, it can be dried and reused.

Observe with what interval the child pisat as behaves before it. Usually children begin to be nervous, make characteristic gestures, can begin to cry, some on the contrary fade. My daughter, for example, strenuously “twisted the bicycle“ legs and put out tongue. If at this time she was in a baby sling, then began to fidget, and in a dream - turned and could begin to whimper.

For successful jumping it is necessary to remember several rules:
always land the kid during feeding or later depending on when he prefers to do the things
suggest it to pee before going to bed and after
land according to your requirement, for example, before walk
try when you consider that the kid did not write long ago and already a time
quite often kids pisat not at once therefore it is necessary to wait for some time.

The easiest kids land with a breast as during sucking the necessary muscles relax. Take the baby in a classical pose for feeding (lying on a hand), previously having exempted the lower part from clothes. Put the capacity, convenient for you, between legs and direct buttocks of the kid there. Now it was necessary to wait patiently, at the same time one hand it is necessary to pat slightly on genitals, sentencing “ps - ps“ or “and - and“. Pat, or even an easy contact, helps the kid to weaken the right place, and words are pronounced that the child got used to them at once.

At first as capacity for jumping the plastic pan which is put on a bed between your legs can serve. In process of a growing of the kid it can be replaced with the basin located on a floor. Also for these purposes it is convenient to use a sink, a bathtub, a toilet bowl. By the way, when you land in a bathroom without breast, for acceleration of process try to include a thin stream of water.

Now it is possible to find in the Internet a photo and video of different poses of jumping so you will easily choose convenient for you with the kid. The main thing in this case - to be sensitive, flexible and to listen to the child or, in other words, to trust a maternal instinct. Then at you surely everything will turn out!