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What sex education begins with? What

the loving parent does not reflect on sex education of the child? Likely, more sharply this question faces mothers of a fine half of mankind. They worry about how to save the daughter from youth errors, ask a question when it is possible to consider it rather adult and not to control return home whether it is worth speaking about early sexual communications, pregnancy, abortions, infections.
to answer these questions, it is necessary to understand that sex education is not separable from education in general and includes questions of relationship of the man and woman in a family, at work. You should not place emphasis only on intimate aspect. Otherwise we risk to create primitive perception of relations between the sexes at younger generation. Main task of parents - to instill the correct values since the birth. It will also be that core which will not allow to break a decisive minute.
First of all children study on the example of parents. If the family almost does not happen together: the father is busy all the time, mother has affairs, children in itself or with grandmothers - nurses, the child can have a misunderstanding for what in general the family is necessary. Much more simply to one: any obligations, any responsibility, met and dispersed. Therefore it is very important that the child saw that the family is a back, it is the fortress to which there is a wish to come back.
Of course to provide worthy existence, it is necessary to work hard, and there is always not enough free time. But nevertheless it is possible to find an opportunity to happen to the family. Joint dinners, visits of cinema, of park, on a visit, of travel to the sea - all this rallies a family. At such moments children study on the example of parents as it is necessary to build the relations between the man and the woman. Of course, for this purpose they really have to be that example which wants to be adopted.
would Seem what trifle, if the father tells: “Children, our mother was so tired today, let`s help her to wash the dishes“. Or mother will ask the got naughty peanuts to behave more quietly when the father has a rest. But such trifles learn to be careful to each other, speak about care and attention. If the world, love and respect reign in a family, having matured, the child will tell himself that he wants the same family as at parents, and hardly he will follow a way of casual communications.
Other important point is an education of responsibility for the acts. From the earliest age it is necessary to acknowledge for the child the possibility and the right for a mistake. It happens very hardly for the parents who got used to control each step of the child. But let better since the childhood studies on small, not serious mistakes it is good to weigh and consider everything, than then will grow up and will walk smack in big trouble when parents have no opportunity to preserve it.
For example, to the two-year-old kid will be on advantage and it is not difficult to wait at all when mother wipes the overturned compote from a table in spite of the fact that he immediately demands new. At the age of 7 years the child is quite ready to bear responsibility for the broken others toy: it is possible to suggest it to give the in exchange. The twelve-year-old teenager can be responsible for progress at school: to remind optional constantly to do homework. Did not learn, received the two, so it is necessary to correct. Then the senior pupil should not be exhausted continuous interrogations where and with whom was and that did. Just the trust will reign in a family.
I is one more necessary condition of successful education. It is important to have parental authority on the child`s eyes that mother with the father, but not the street were the main adviser. And for this purpose it is necessary to be interested in problems of children, not to beg them value at all, to find time for informal conversation, never to criticize the child, and to give an assessment to his acts. Better to say “you badly arrived“, than “you bad“. If the child trusts parents intimate, it is impossible to use it against it. And main thing - to accept and love it it what it is.
Then in awkward age, will be easier to find mutual understanding. Since the birth putting all in the child most it is better, parents cultivate a fertile field. So, the tree which with love looked after will not bear bad fruits.