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Why among women it is accepted to be silent about the age?

C of the childhood of girls are learned that they can not answer a question of the age, and boys - that it is indecent to ask about it and are not necessary. On age of the woman often coquet and leave from the answer, and those who are confident that they will not be exposed - completely lie. But why women so do not like to speak about the age?

“If is asked, how old are you, answer that to you 17 and that you the madwoman“. (Ray Bradbury. “451 degrees Fahrenheit“) Recently I began to notice

that all actors who appear on stage long ago and whom I had an opportunity to observe in the childhood look much more young now, than then. They deliberately “try to look younger“: do cosmetic braces, keep to infinite diets, prick various injections and break bones to look more harmonous and higher, than is actually. And if in case of the famous people, in principle, everything is clear - they “work a face“ (though love them not for it at all, and for talent, charisma, special manners), then why the passport age is so reluctantly remembered by ordinary, terrestrial women?

In youth of the girl change the age in “+“, and at mature age - in “-“. They are echoes of natural selection and natural competition. In 16, having brightly made up and having told that to you 18, it is possible just to get easily and on a disco or the “adult“ movie, where an entrance - only full age, to twist the senior guy and, generally, in many respects to bypass the contemporaries - “young children“. In 16 it seems that than you are more senior - that more abruptly, best of all, more attractively. In several decades everything changes exactly the opposite. Appear younger, beautiful and harmonous at whom men look back more often and more willingly. Besides, and at work where at men the crucial role is played by experience and personal qualities, the woman is estimated, first of all, “on clothes“.

The majority of stereotypes and the complexes which are given rise on their soil arise at a fine half from - for influences of society and advertizing. Beauty, first of all, is associated with youth . And from pages of all magazines and from plots promo - rollers we are told that skin after 40 loses collagen and it becomes similar to a skin of a Shar-Pei. How here not to begin to have complex and in every possible way to forge figures that you ceased to be associated with a dog, at last?

They say that to the woman it is so much years, on how many it feels . It is unconditional, pleasant when the woman aged going down the street with the already adult daughter is asked suddenly: “It is your sister?“. Or the woman walking with the grandson: “It is your son? “ It is flatter that people around are noticed and emphasize that the woman looks better, than many at her age. Therefore the aspiration to receive an unostentatious compliment often forces women to wriggle on age.

Though hiding of age for the woman, by and large, it - at all not desire to lie. It is its peculiar creative territory. Of course, youth opens before it certain prospects. But often behind evasion from the answer to a question of age there are not they at all, and just desire to leave though some secret for people around and to create an intrigue around themselves. It is so close to most of women! there is no