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How to give new life to old things?

are Very frequent, doing clear-out and sorting the old or got out of fashion things, understand that it is a pity to leave them. For example, in this dress I the first time got acquainted with the beloved husband, and this scarf was presented by the best friend...

I could not be stored, and it is a pity to throw out. As to be? Perhaps to present to things one more life? As they say, “new is well forgotten old“.

If in your clothes jeans were overlooked - you do not hurry to throw out them. What can be made:

- to decorate pastes or small with flowers, to attach to them metal rivets and pins;
- to paint with paints on fabric;
- to cut out a hole and to sew a lacy patch from a wrong side or to leave so, otrepav edges;
- to cut off a bottom and to make of them bridges, Capri or shorts;
- to alter in a skirt (it is possible to add ruches or a fringe);
- if you in situation, or jeans to you became tight in a waist, up it is possible to replace with an elastic insert (it can be jersey);
- to sew an original bag or a clutch.

Your old t-shirt or the undershirt which bothered to will become newer and it is more interesting if it:

- to decorate with amusing application, a band or an ornament;
- to alter in a dress, having added a piece of matter on a thing bottom, or on the contrary - to cut off a bottom and to add top from a shirt or other undershirt;
- to decorate with paillettes, pastes, a beads or beads;
- to remake in a jacket, having sewn sleeves and a bottom from other jacket;
- to add knitted elements;
- to paint with paints on fabric or to translate thermostickers;
- can cut it on strips and to weave (it similar to a way knitting by a hook, only instead of a hook you use a finger, you take one of strips, you stretch it under previous etc.) ;
- to turn into a beach skirt, having cut off and having tightened top on an elastic band;
- to remake in a vest, a bolero, a cape, a fashionable scarf or a hat.

And the dress will take a new form if it:

- to cut off to make shorter;
- to extend by means of a piece of fabric (it can be a ruche, a flounce, etc.) ;
- to clean or add sleeves or a collar;
- to change by means of flowers, applications, pastes, beads;
- to turn a dress into a t-shirt or an undershirt, having cut off on a waistline, or on the contrary - in a skirt;
- to insert guipure vstavochka (very beautifully look on a back);
- to narrow skirts, to give a close fit to a dress;
- can create a beautiful waist by means of a wide or narrow strip of fabric, having sewn on a waist or slightly above it a belt.

The men`s shirt can serve quite good service too. If to try, it will become:

- children`s dress;
- a women`s blouse;
- a vest or a bolero.

It is possible not only to remake things which we carry, a wide circulation found also creative things of house use.

For example, not only brooms and jewelry for the house and a garden, but also an ochechnitsa, the key keeper, a bag, the greenhouse, various lamps and chairs do of plastic bottles . The imagination of people is boundless.

From car tires turn out remarkable flowerpots for flowers, amusing animals for playgrounds, garden jewelry, tables and chairs.

You create - and your things will become unusual, original, creative. Use the imagination, creative inspiration and you give life to old things.