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How it is often necessary to wash hamsters, guinea pigs and other pets?

Krom of dogs and cats live in our houses hamsters, squirrels, guinea pigs. Among pets - a large number of birds, is parrots of all colors and the sizes, canaries. Meet even such who holds houses of snakes. Which of above-mentioned pets should be bathed, and to whom bathtubs are strictly contraindicated? Let`s understand.

in the period of my childhood guinea pigs firmly held the “prize-winning“ third place in popularity after dogs, cats and birds, today all of them are also popular. Beautiful, amusing, clever, not demanding some special conditions, they are loved by both adults, and children.

, It seems, the name of an animal means that it has to be delighted with water procedures, but it at all not so. Guinea pigs should be bathed periodically, and this procedure often - pure punishment for the owner, a mumps almost all in panic are afraid of water, can escape and be scratched in the course of a washing. The main thing governed when bathing a guinea pig - it is necessary to do it gently, without sharp movements.

To buy special a guinea pig shampoo quite difficult, especially on the periphery, they are issued, but far not everywhere are on sale. If such shampoo is inaccessible to you, good children`s will approach. We wash this animal in a basin, watering from a bucket (the stream from - under the crane can strongly frighten), after bathing we turn in a towel, we allow to calm down, then, if your pet not against, we dry a weak stream of warm air from the hair dryer.

Proteins became very popular among pets recently. They are beautiful, mobile, amusing, but quite problematic in contents. It is possible to wash them, it is even necessary, especially if the squirrel got to you from the wood - she absolutely will have ticks and fleas who are accustomed to appear then as if from nowhere again and again. The squirrel is very timid and will actively escape when bathing, surely close a door in a bathroom before a washing if you do not want to catch then a small animal on all apartment. This animals perfectly will be suitable dog shampoo for small breeds with weak anti-flea effect.

Now hamsters. They are seemingly similar to guinea pigs, and it is logical that they should be bathed too, on the contrary! Bathing is strictly contraindicated to hamsters . In general hamsters are so clean that do not happen dirty at all - they watch the hygiene and support the hair in an excellent state. If suddenly the small animal was strongly soiled and it needs to be cleaned, it is necessary to do it by a damp tampon or a wet napkin, and is exclusive in the place of pollution. Then an animal we wipe a towel, it is possible to dry accurately a weak stream from the hair dryer.

In line in a question of bathing at us now birds, it is concrete - parrots and canaries. I will not tell anything new, but all - - both those, and others if to acquaint them with bathing process, adore doing it. It is very simple to organize this process, it is possible to hang up a special poddonchik in which the birdie will lap in a cage, it is possible to put a soup plate. If the birdie at you flies on the apartment much, try to draw its attention, having started up slightly water in the crane. My popugaychik, for example, once tried to bathe in a sink under flowing water and was delighted with this procedure, then constantly climbed to me under hands when I washed the dishes, it was necessary to lock for this time!

Your birdie refuses flatly to bathe? Take a bunch of a green salad, for example, strongly wet and place in a cage. In the natural environment parrots bathe quite so - in a grass, wet from dew, so it is quite possible, “fulling“ in wet salad will be pleasant to your birdie.

Snakes. Imagine, they need to be bathed sometimes too! Fans of similar exotic will confirm - if you have a snake whom you feed with a “live“ forage (to pythons, for example, recommend to give sometimes rats), then on her body it is unknown from where small insects can appear. These are parasites from “food“ of whom bathing will help to get rid. It is necessary to bathe a snake in hardly warm water (temperatures of air or are a little higher) with soda addition, absolutely slightly - slightly. Even if your snake does not eat live food and parasites on it are not got, all the same from time to time bathing in soda water will do it good. Snakes, by the way, practically everything adore bathing.

Any living being in your house at the correct leaving will be not a burden, but an embodiment of happiness which it will give you in all sincerity. No matter, a dog it, the cat or a snake - are able to love everything!