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How to leave slavery of an implementation failure?

Quite often human life develop so that it appears not on “the place“. It is consumed by boredom, disappointment and does not leave feeling that in his life something not so. Also it seems - he chooses other profession, everything could develop far better.

How to define, whether on the you the place? How to achieve that hobby became your work and brought in the worthy income? What price of an exit from slavery of an implementation failure? Whether really happens so that already too late to undertake something?

A dissatisfaction, feeling of an otioseness, senselessness of existence - these feelings brightly demonstrate that the person is engaged not in what it is called for. Maybe there is a lot of reasons for which it fell into such state, and they root, most likely in the childhood. But result one - the person did not realize what talent he has what activity brings joy to it and advantage to society. And the feeling of the importance and usefulness is one of the most important components of happiness. That is why it is so important to find itself.

How to achieve it? And what difficulties expect in process?

1. It is necessary to rummage a little in itself. First of all find out what your soul reaches for. Retire to some convenient and pleasant place. Remember the childhood, reflect on what was pleasant to you what dreamed of what turned out especially well? Think why you did not develop to what pulled you? What prevented? Perhaps, it was opinion of parents or lack of an opportunity to be learned on this profile? And maybe, you decided what will be in such a way heavy to be earned on bread? Whether you regret that you then all - did not venture to give in to a soul rush? Perhaps, it is also that way on which it is necessary to return. If is not present then present, than you would be engaged if you had a huge inheritance and it was not necessary to worry about money. Remember what you like to do in free time?

After such reflections some options of occupations which to you to liking surely have to come to mind. And now imagine if you developed the abilities in this case to high level. People would estimate your results whether they were ready to pay for them? If you found at least one kind of activity which brings you pleasure and which result would have a certain value for society, then you are expected by the following stage.

2. Transition to practical actions. Make three lists. The first is a list of actions which need to be carried out for development in this direction. It is desirable that in it opposite to each point there was a date to which you plan to realize the written-down action. Certain resources will be necessary for you for implementation of the conceived plans. And so, specify those in the second list of them that are available at you, and enter in the third what needs to be got. Pay attention - resources can be not only material, and and intellectual, spiritual and emotional.

So, now you can start performance of konkretnykhdeystviye, and in process take care of that the third list flowed in the second.

3. Create support group. I Want to warn you that at the initial stages it is very important to surround itself with adherents who would encourage and supported you at the heavy moments, them will be much. And also avoid society of those people who will try to stop you, to convince of inability and an otioseness. Usually they throw phrases such: “sit and do not twitch“, “be not engaged in nonsenses“, “it is waste of time and forces“. Do not allow them to influence your choice!

4. Learn to see and use opportunities. If you chose a right direction, then through some time opportunities will begin to come to your life. And the main thing to make out and use them. At first they will be insignificant and seemingly not bringing notable result. But thanks to them you will feel that you grow and move. It will give confidence and will strengthen inspiration.

5. Overcoming of obstacles. Important point on the way to achievement of your purpose are tests and check time. Most likely, there will be some circumstances which will try to bring down you from the chosen way. As far as you will have enough persistence and persistence? Whether there will be you are faithful that you chose? The line of action at this stage will also define your future.

6. It is time to enjoy fruits. If having undergone all tests and testing of life, you did not lower a hand, then at last there will come changes. Long-awaited recognition and success will come. In this period you will already enjoy fruits of the work. This really happy time. It does not mean that you stopped. No! You still move forward! But now it is much easier for you because the notable result is visible, and it very much inspires.

It should be noted that there is no instant success. To reach the real heights, time, persistence, adherence to principles and strength of mind is necessary. And these qualities are developed in hard process of advance to the purpose.

Also I focus your attention, that never late to leave mediocrity of sad life and to move off in searches of the place in the sun. Everyone has a talent and calling. Let it different level and size. But everyone can aspire to achieving success in for what it is given rise.