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How to sell the idea to the boss and the partner?

If you are engaged in business longer than ten minutes, then for certain already understood: than better you manage to keep someone`s attention, that a high probability that the person will like your idea. But what it in practice for council? to Tell

to someone: “Keep attention of audience“ - all the same that, training in game in tennis to speak: “And now give twisted“. The person and so knows everything! But he does not know how it is necessary to make correctly.

Present that we are surrounded by a certain strong power field which is broadcast from depths of our subconsciousness. It is the invisible board which is genetically intended to protect our consciousness from sudden invasion of alien ideas and interests. And if this power field is exposed to too powerful external influence, it weakens. Our mental protection falls, and we become object of foreign ideas, desires and orders. And then the stranger can impose us the will.

Nobody for certain knows, there is a power field of the person or not, but it is possible, it is the best way to imagine mental structures which form our vision of the world.

Oren Klaff calls them frames . Oren is an expert in the field of financial modeling who attracted more than 400 million dollars to the company.

Oren is convinced that when frames come into contact, first of all they face. Not friendly competition, is deadly fight. Frames do not merge . Do not mix up . They enter the conflict, and stronger frame absorbs weaker .

To understand how to operate frames and to use their force - the most important what Oren in the book “Learns an ideal pitch to. Revolutionary method of the conclusion of large deals“.

Most often during business management can face frame of the power . It proceeds from the person with very powerful ego. Its power results from its status, and the status relies on respect and respect of people around. You distinguish that before you a frame of the power if you encounter arrogance, lack of interest (such person as if speaks: “I am much more important than you“), roughness and other similar manifestations.

Carriers of a frame of the power (also known as the big cone, an egotsentrist - call as you want) usually do not pay attention to opinion of people around. Much more them interests satisfaction of own requirements. They often badly understand motives and reactions of other people. They are subject to stereotypes. Can be excessively optimistic. And with a high probability are ready to undertake disproportionate risks.

But they as well very vulnerable target for your frame undermining the power because they do not assume such opportunity. They wait from you for respect and obedience. That you will laugh at their silly jokes. That you will value their feelings more, than the. They expect that you will accept their frame. Here - that is also covered their weak place. They for a second do not assume thought that your frame is going to receive control over a situation. Therefore - that you almost always can also take them unawares.

Capture of a frame

Here several examples of how it is possible to draw a frame of the power dexterously. Having come into contact with the target - the person on whom the decision depends, try at the first opportunity:
1) to refuse something;
2) to show as - or disobedience.


1. Put on a table the folder with an inscription “Confidentially“. When your interlocutor takes the folder, take away with words: “Is not present, not now. You should wait a little before you receive it“.

If you are engaged in something creative and brought evident materials, allow the opponent to dart a glance at them, but at manifestation of curiosity turn or take away the folder and softly notice: “Let`s postpone until you are ready to it“.

The principle of mastering a frame is in that by means of refusal to let know: “Not now. I main at this meeting, we work according to my plan. Everything will occur when I consider it necessary“.

2. Other way to control a frame consists in parrying remarks, easy, but persistently showing disobedience.

Your opponent: “Thank you that came. I have only fifteen minutes today“.

You: “Perfectly, at me only twelve“.

You smile. But at the same time you are absolutely serious. Such here simple phrase you just intercepted a frame of the power.

Short manifestations of non-obedience and refusals - incredibly powerful destroyers of frames. They counterbalance social structure of the power and then transfer all power to your hands. Now you need to hold only it and to use efficiently.