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What the general at fruit jelly and a smell of roses? Gold apple - a bilva of

Bewitching aroma of roses and colourful transparent cubes of fruit jelly... A strange and mysterious combination which can be met only in one rare fruit. The apple gold, but can, and wooden. Bilva, or Bengalese quince. Who will understand

about what plant he there is a speech? Especially, it has no relation to a quince and apple. At this plant there are a lot of names, but it is even more useful properties. Egle marmalade - such is its real name in the scientific world. It is called also at us in the country.

Aroma of fine roses and sweet of east delicacy - fruit jelly - unique taste of surprising fruit. The water-ice and jam from fruits of this tree are popular in India. What the nature miracle which you will seldom meet where the winter often stays is?

The plant belongs to noble and numerous family of rutovy. A lime and tangerines, lemons and oranges - his relatives. The homeland of a unique plant - India, but in a wild look it can be seen also in the countries, neighboring to India, such as Burma or Pakistan.

It is possible to meet rare fruit in East Asia and in the Arab countries. In the twentieth century the plant began to be cultivated also in the countries of South America, and also in the State of Florida in the USA.

Egle marmalade - slowly growing tree up to 12 meters high. The shortish trunk and magnificent sprawling krone distinguishes this plant. The appeared escapes are covered with rigid prickles. Leaves troychato - difficult, gear on edge, it is bright - green color. Young leaflets rozovato - a purple shade, when grinding allocate an unpleasant smell.

The bilva flower - four enough dense twirled a petal, greenish inside and yellow color outside, in the middle of such flower is more than 40 stamens is yellow - green color. Fragrant, with a pleasant smell flowers are collected in clusters.

The fruit of a fruit tree reminds a pear of an oval form. The cultivated plants have the bigger size of fruits, in a wild look fruit it is much less. But on average size happens from 10 to 18 cm. A peel at immature fruits it is gray - green, but reaching a maturity, becomes yellow or orange. The surface of fruit is saturated with glands which produce essential oil. In a fruit on the center there passes the firm core. It is filled with the pulp reminding jelly which has sweet, a little astringent taste and gentle aroma of roses.

Seeds at fruits are covered with rigid hairs and have the extended form. Quantity of seeds - more than 10 pieces. In a seed there is a transparent adhesive which drying becomes firm. Fruits of this plant contain alkaloids, steroids and benzopyrones.

Also as a part of fruit there are essential oils, proteins, carbohydrates, a large amount of vitamins A, With and groups B. Such component as marmelozin, being a part of fruits of this tree has pharmacological value. It should be noted that fresh leaves go for receiving essential oil which is used for various aromas in perfumery.

In India the tree is considered sacred as find association with a trident which is held in the right hand by god - great Shiva in its ternate leaves. In the Shaiva - Shaktic tradition the gift of branches of a bilva provides to Shiva istinnoveruyushchy three varga. It is righteousness, wellbeing and, of course, wealth. The fruit to an egla of marmalade symbolizes the goddess of wealth and happiness - Lakmsha. Shrifael - the head - a fruit, so Indians still call sacred fruit which firm and external cover reminds skull bones, and pulp - a brain.

Unique properties are found for an egla of marmalade in the widest range applications: from cookery before production of handles for tableware. The plant is really universal. In India it long since is considered medicinal and is widely applied in east practicians, such as an ayuverda where enters in dashamul - the list of ten useful plants which have the most curative effect.

Fruits get the greatest medicinal advantage when maturing. Immature fruit use for improvement of a state zheludochno - an intestinal path, and also at dysentery. Big application is found by a bilva and in dermatology, promoting clarification and restoration of integuments. It is proved that essential oil of a universal tree is useful for growth of hair. It strengthens roots and adds to hair a pleasant smell, gloss and beauty.

It is considered that the plant is capable to cure even psoriasis as such component is its part as psoralen. Fruit and as an antiscorbutic is universal. Egle marmalade also goes as the main component in grass collecting at treatment of different diseases. For this purpose fruits cut and dry on the sun then add to medicative herbs.

The range of application of a unique plant stretches not only to the medical or culinary sphere. It finds application and as hygienic means. The pulp of this fruit in India is used as the substance washing even strongly polluted linen. And also instead of a toilet soap: it is considered that this most useful soap in the world.

Also adhesive which is in seeds does not remain unaddressed. It is fine natural substitute of Moment glue. Self-made glue is in demand at local for jewelers. Builders add it to construction mixes and solutions, and artists in the paints - for protection of pictures against sunshine or moisture.

Did not ignore a wonderful tree the and the Indian masters. From a firm cover of fruits objects which are capable to blow the mind are created. The carved caskets decorated with incrustation from precious metals, snuffboxes and other works of decorative art are popular on east markets in India and outside this country.

It is necessary to add that the tree is grown up also in our country, but generally as a houseplant. And that is surprising, the mollycoddle from far Asia - quite unpretentious plant in room conditions. However, loves well trained soil, regular watering and the solar place. Having given it necessary care, perhaps, you will be able to try a divine water-ice from the egl of marmalade.