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To smoke or not to smoke? Here in what a question!

Smoking to become presently is more and more problematic. And business, by and large at all not in health. And in the created conditions for smokers on everything, more or less civilized, to the world. If to take our country (civilized I cannot call, however, it), then in the light of the adopted law, it is in general totally ludicrous. Though it is clear that our Duma figures, created this dvizhukha only to show that they allegedly strenuously work (to do if only to do nothing), remember what is the time the bill was discussed? It is possible to think that in our distressful, more problems are not. And everything was solved purely in Russian. To forbid everything. What thought? it`s not clear. Well I distracted. A problem for the smoker, welcome number one, there was financial side. Having estimated how many you spend for a tabachok, somehow the toad smothers. Further we will take any cafes and restaurants. If earlier in many it was allowed to smoke. Now what to do? On porozhek you will not leave too. Public place! As the fact, any substitutes, type electronic cigarettes, well and so forth, do not help to leave off smoking. We follow further on accruing. Train! It is impossible to smoke! And even at stops. The station, this is the public place. Perhaps also you should not talk profusely about the airports and planes especially. There bans for a long time. Though it is not right, it would be desirable to focus attention that many airports, after the first boom of bans on smoking, in sense everywhere, changed the policy of anti-smoking a little and began to organize smoking-rooms smoked aria . As people, after hours-long flights, began to smoke where popodya, having spat on rules. Though the problem for the smoker remained, on the plane on any it is impossible. And if you fly transit, then instead of between flights, somewhere to pritulitsya beer to hryapnut. You rush according to plates smoked aria in search of this blessed place, sometimes through all huge airport. Yes it is possible to bring a lot more examples, the arising problems with smoking. There is also a question. And how to throw? Is not necessary to you speaks, about any moralism. By the principle and you will be able, there has to be a will power! Well, force is, the will is, and there is no will power. Leaving off smoking you take away from yourself part of what what is required by what to replace. It as at the baby that to take away a toy, it is necessary to give that that another. Here and question. How to be?