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What transport the fastest in the city? What

personal transport in real city conditions quicker? Motorcycle? Scooter? Car? Let`s add here also the bicycle.

So, the entering data:

1. The average Russian city, with average quality of roads and the average number of traffic lights. In this case experiment was made in Sergiyev Posad situated near Moscow.

2. Average day, in the middle of working week, closer to the end of the working day. Days off for obvious reasons are excluded from experiment.

3. Averages are expensive. That is the part of a route lies on the central highways, and part - on intra quarter and intra domestic roads.

4. Average distance. In our case it is 5,5 km. For experience more than it is enough.

5. Average drivers are experimenters. It I and my wife (going driving, by the way, is very good).

Now to experimental conditions.

1. To go in comfortable and safe as for itself, and people around, the mode, it is desirable observing traffic regulations.

2. Not to turn this experience into competition.

3. Simultaneous start. Start is understood as a synchronous exit from an entrance, preparation of transport for the movement and directly start. It is an important point which should be considered quite so, but not as a wave it is white - a black checkered tag of the abstract judge.

4. Available technology of experiment. In our case it is the SUV on the one hand and with another - the cardan bicycle, the srednekubaturny Italian scooter and 700 - the vat motorcycle - the cruiser. All transferred equipment the most usual, specially to experience not prepared, stroboscopes, flashing indicators not having, and so on.

So, went.

Day the first. Bicycle and car . To my huge surprise almost simultaneous finish. A difference - about one minute in favor of the car. The explanation one - to the car was necessary to stand on traffic lights, to trudge in a stream, and the bicycle, though not quickly, but constantly went. And cutting off part of a way as also walking paths are available to it.

Day of the second. Scooter and car. Here surprise was too, but for other reason. The scooter came to the finish earlier, but the difference made approximately the same minute. In spite of the fact that average (average!) speed of the movement of the scooter is higher, than at the car (to it the row-spacing is available and it starts with each traffic light the first), but starting losses of time were very essential. That is in the car - opened a door, closed, the key also went to ignition. And the equipment for driving the scooter takes significantly more time - a cap comforter, a helmet, to button a jacket, to put on gloves, to clasp all fasteners, and only after that it is possible to saddle and turn a key.

Day the third. Motorcycle and car. After result with the scooter surprise was not - the finish was almost synchronous, but the car “on half-cases“ came earlier. What easily is explained by starting losses of time for equipment of the motorcyclist and big (in comparison with the scooter) dimensions. If the scooter on a row-spacing just filters, then the motorcycle in places had “to move apart“ a row-spacing and which - where and to stand: 84 cm of width of the motorcycle against 46 cm of width of the scooter were very essential difference.

Naturally, for long distances, for large megalopolises from them tightly the standing traffic jams or for night time of day the result will be other.

But for those who move in the city often and under similar conditions, result of this experiment, think, it will be useful.