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How to register kitchen in style of a country?

to make kitchen rather cozy and functional, are optional to spend huge sums of money. It is possible to pick up with taste a situation and without the assistance of dear designers.

country Style allows to use the materials which are not demanding big monetary investments in registration. Of course, it is possible to make it and it is very expensive, but today it will be a question not of it.

As in translation from English “country“ “village“, “rural“, the maximum nearness to a rural situation - the purpose of this kitchen transformation means.

The furniture from a natural tree of mainly light tones (it can be the oak, a maple, an ash-tree or an alder) will naturally look and to expand visible space of kitchen. Warm sand tone of furniture will create feeling of tranquility and rural silence.

Than more tree in the conditions of such kitchen, especially house it will look. Even wooden beams under a ceiling are pertinent if dimensions of the room allow such element. Walls can be issued under a stone laying or a red brick (it for inexpensive option of repair, for expensive - it is possible to get the real stone and a brick). Very nicely walls with wall-paper under a natural pith tree look.

But not only wooden textures form a situation. Products from shod metal, even imitation of a wall fireplace with a lattice, will give the advantageous card to your kitchen. Heavy pig-iron hot pads, ancient saucepans and frying pans on walls will give rural charm too.

Despite existence of modern kitchen equipment - the refrigerator, the gas or electric stove, the microwave oven, the dishwasher - the situation of kitchen - “country“ can and has to include technical achievements. It is enough to pick up equipment of the suitable color (for example, brown or sand) which is not distinguishing from the general situation. Modern shops can offer the benefit, a variety of coloring much.

Light curtains from natural fabrics with a pattern in the form of vintage small florets will look in such kitchen much more pertinently than the Roman curtains or office blinds.

In general, the textiles in kitchen in country style can be issued advantageously cheap. Sometimes it is enough to rummage in a chest with a grandmother`s dowry. Cloths and napkins of a rough not colored cloth, linen towels - all this rather rural and original. The color scale of warm colors is more preferable, than cold shades, it is a house, informal situation.

The ware can be taken from grandmother`s chests too - both economy, and originality. Clay and copper ware, big-bellied glass bottles, open shelves with small kitchen utensils - choose on the taste. Even baskets, wattled from a rod, and chairs can become a highlight.

At the same time sense of proportion at registration of any room is important. You should not be zealous and litter useful space of kitchen too. It is enough to place several emphases in registration.

Let in your kitchen there will be habitual most sincere talk and the coziest atmosphere!